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Automatic Bag Labeling Machine

  • Bag Sticker Labeling Machine
  • Bag Sticker Labeling Machine for sale
  • Bag Sticker Labeling Machine for sale
  • Bag Sticker Labeling Machine
  • Pouch labeling machine
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Bag Sticker Labeling Machine

  • Model:NP-PLF
  • Description:
  • Bag sticker labeling machine is produced by Shanghai Npack Auotmatic Equipment . it is label the bag, pouch, carton , card by sticker label

    The label is the sticker/self-adheisve label.  Surface labeling machine. Seperating bag automatic

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Pouch Labeling Machine  is is suitable for Doypack popuch, Bag ,sachet,Card  labeling machine. this machine can seperate the empty bag automatic one by one

Sticker label for bag pouch feeding device


bag labeler machine             adhesive label on the card


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