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Automatic Paper Label Glue Labeling Machine

  • Cold Glue Labeling Machine
  • Cold Glue Labeling Machine for sale
  • Cold Glue Labeling Machine for sale
  • Cold Glue Labeling Machine
  • Automatic round bottle wet glue labeling machine
  • cold glue labeling machine

Cold Glue Labeling Machine

  • Model:NP-GLB
  • Description:
  • Cold Glue Labeling Machine is produced by Shanghai Npack Automatic Equipment Co.,ltd , special for the paper label for round bottle ,cans , jars by wet/cold glue,  the glue is the resin glue

    Automatic Wet Glue bottle Can Labeling Machine,automatic round jars wet glue labeling machine.

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Cold Glue  Labeling Machine is designed by for the paper label for the Cans , Jars , Bottle and any kinds of round container.  The customer load paper labels into label box , and the wet glue is the resin glue. It is mianly for the Food , Chemical industry.  Full Automatic Wet Glue Bottle Labeling Machine/Laber.

paper glue labeling machine

paper glue labeling machine


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