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The EU will implement the New Standards Of Food Labels

2015-03-03Hits: 76 Back to list

Tip: Recently, the EU began to implement a new standard for food labeling by the European Parliament in 2011, and get more and more detailed food-related content from the label on the consumer. EU Health and Food Safety Committee, said a senior executive, the new food labeling

EU Health and Food Safety Committee, a senior director, said the new food labeling standards are the result of years of effort, consumers can learn more information from the labels. The new standard requires that food labels must clearly significant and accurate labeling foods contain ingredients may cause allergic to most processed food nutrition labeling, for online shopping and store shopping adopt uniform standards, indicating thawing food and substitutes. EU Member States food industry has three-year transition period, and to allow food and before December 13 this year, has posted a good label foods already on the market so far has been sold.

The Commission said it would work closely with the food production and consumption sectors, in a concise and understandable way to implement the new labeling standards for food safety, food safety and build a data base in 2015.


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