Brake Oil Filling Machine Filling Oil Bottle

Brake oil filling machine is a linear piston filling machine. The filling process is controlled by servo piston and PLC. It has the characteristics of accurate filling, stable performance, wide adaptability to bottles, large adjustment range and fast filling speed.

Brake Oil Filling Machine Description

The brake oil filling machine is a advanced linear filling machine that is designed to ensure maximum precision, stability and reliability. Powered by a high-performance servo piston and advanced PLC controls, it is capable of precise and accurate filling. The machine is equipped with a linear piston filling system that enhances the level of control and accuracy, enabling it to adapt to a wide range of bottle sizes and shapes. Additionally, the machine has a large adjustment range, which enhances its overall flexibility and versatility.

Furthermore, the brake oil filling machine has a robust and durable construction that makes it suitable for the filling of a variety of liquids, including corrosive liquids, high viscosity and semi-liquid substances. It is also ideal for the filling of bubble liquids, which require a high level of control and precision. These features make the motor oil filling machine ideal for use across a range of industries, including the food, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

The automatic thick oil filling machine is mainly used for fully automatic online dispensing of liquids, filling volumes ranging from 50ml to 1000m, supporting 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 nozzle configurations to meet specific production requirements. The whole machine is made of 304/316 stainless steel, controlled by PLC and piston, equipped with a color touch screen, and can set parameters in one piece, which improves work efficiency and saves enterprise costs.

brake oil filling mahine
brake oil filling mahine


Main Feature

1. Adopting volumetric measurement method, with high measurement speed and simple device.
2. The filling head design has a suction function, ensuring no residual oil leakage during the filling process and high filling accuracy
3. Provide customized one-stop services, designing and manufacturing according to customers’ different products, bottles, caps, packaging methods, and capacities.
3. High degree of automation, automatic bottle loading, automatic filling, and automatic bottle output during the filling process, without manual intervention, resulting in high production efficiency
4. Equipped with anti drop function, effectively preventing liquid from overflowing the bottle mouth
5. Colorful multilingual touch screen, one click setting of filling speed and capacity, easy to adjust
6. The entire machine is made of 304/316 grade stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, and compliance with GMP standards

Product Detail

engine oil filling machine details
engine oil filling machine details

Filling Accuracy: ±0.1-0.5%

Filling nozzles:2/4/6/8/10/12(customized)

Filling volume:50ml-5l  (Customized according to customer needs)

Bottle Type:Pail, Bucket, Bottle,Can

Packaging Type: Wooden Case

After Warranty Service:Video technical support

Applicable Industries:Food ;Pharmaceutical;Chemical;Cosmetic

Filling Materials: engine oil, lubricating oil, grease, motor oil,edible oil, etc.







NP-VF-6 NP-VF-8 NP-VF-10 NP-VF-12 NP-VF-16



4 6 8 10 12 16



Capacity(bpm)base on 500ml

12-14 24-28 36-42 48-56 60-70 70-80 80-100

Air Pressure(mpa)








No. Descriptions BRAND ITEM Remark
1 Servo Motor Inovance 2KW CHINA
2 Reducer Fenghua ATF1205-15 Taiwan
3 Conveyor Motor ZhenYu YZ2-8024 China
4 servo drivers Inovance LXM 23DU15M3X CHINA
6 Touch Screen Inovance HMZGXU3500 CHINA
7 Frequency Converter Schneider ATV12H075M2 France
8 Photo electricity of

Inspect bottle

9 Pneumatic Element Airtac Taiwan
10 Rotary Valve F07/F05 No Need for Oil
11 Pneumatic actuator F07/F05 No Need for Oil
12 Low-Voltage Apparatus Schneider FRANCE
13 proximity switch ROKO SC1204-N Taiwan
14 Bearing NSK JAPAN
15 Lead Screw TBI Taiwan
16 butterfly valve CHZNA china
17 Screw Lead Bearing NSK Japan
18 Straight Bearing NSK JAPAN
19 Sliding Bear IGUS Germany


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