Ionized Air Bottle Rinser

Ionized air bottle rinser is a specialized type of bottle washing machine that processes various bottles and materials, including glass and plastic. It uses ion air washing technology to achieve thorough cleaning and disinfection, and is used to clean and disinfect bottles before filling liquids. It is widely used in the beverage and food packaging industry.

 Ionized Air Bottle Rinser

Ionized Air Bottle Rinser is developed and produced by npack to solve the problem of bottles not being washed clean. The linear Ionized Air Bottom Rinser adopts a linear conveyor belt transmission design, which uses negative ions to effectively rinse bottles, glass, and various containers, making it more hygienic to use. The machine frame is usually made of 304 stainless steel, with stable performance; Has the ability to wash bottles at high speed; PLC control, equipped with Siemens touch screen, with user-friendly settings.

ionized air bottle rinser1
ionized air bottle rinser

 Main Feature

1. Using negative ion technology to clean dust, debris, and pollutants from bottles can effectively remove and neutralize particles adhering to the surface of the bottle, providing a high level of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure product quality and safety.
2. The bottle washing speed is fast and clean, and it can handle continuously flowing bottles. It can wash a large number of bottles in a short time and is suitable for high-speed packing production lines.
3. The automatic bottle cleaner machine can be quickly adjusted to adapt to different bottle sizes and shapes, and can effectively clean and disinfect various containers
4. Compared to traditional water-based flushing methods, one of the advantages of ion air flushing is that it reduces water consumption. It is very environmentally friendly and can also reduce costs.
5. The automatic high speed bottle washing machine mainly uses 304/316 stainless steel material, which has a beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, and low maintenance cost.
6. The ionized air bottle rinser can be paired with glass plastic bottle filling machine, glass plastic bottle capping machine, and bottle labeling machine to form a liquid production line, which can improve production efficiency.
7. ionized air bottle rinser are equipped with user-friendly interfaces, which can easily adjust settings, monitor the cleaning process, and solve any problems that may arise.

Ionized Air Bottle Rinser Workflow

Automatic flip bottom washing bottom machine mainly cleans the pollutants and debris on the bottle before entering the filling machine. To ensure that fragments and residues retained in the container do not contaminate the filled product. The bottle is indexed into the container cleaning machine, grabbed with a soft pad, and inverted on the rinsing basin. However, air washing machines can utilize ionized air curtains. Eliminate any static charges that may be carried on the bottle, ensure that dust and debris do not adhere to the container, and allow for more thorough flushing. When the preset flushing time ends, the bottle will return to the conveyor belt for movement to the filling machine for the next packaging step

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Product Detail

Ionized Air Bottle Rinser Details
Ionized Air Bottle Rinser Details

Bottle Type:plastic bottle, can, glass bottle, glass jar, bucket and so on.

Packaging Type: Wooden Case

After Warranty Service:Video technical support

Applicable Industries:Food & Beverage Factory;Manufacturing Plant;Daily Chemical Industry; Pharmaceutical.




Power 220V 1Phase, 1KW
Applied Container Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Jars
Speed: 25-30b/m
Rinsing Heads 6 heads
Air Pressure 0.6MPA


This is automatic linear bottle washing machine video

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