NP-VF Automatic Piston Filling Machine

The Np-vf piston filling machine is application for dosing all types of non corrosive liquid,viscous liquid.It is mostly using in the fields of Daily chemicals, Food and phamarceuticals industry.For its wide filling range and flexiable,it is suitable for different types of containers, round, flat and square.No matter you are in the fields of cosmetics, food sauce or daily chemicals, the piston filler is one of the popular solution for measuring your products into container.

The Development of Npack automatic piston filling machine

The first generation Npack Automatic piston filling machine built in the 2012,it was a pneumatic driven system filler, and each piston is driving by a air cylinder;the second generation automatic piston filler is adapt with servo motor driven, a main servo motor drives multy pistons stroke movement;the third generation is application multy servo motors to drive multy pistons working ;and the 4th generation NP-VF piston filler updates the control system,using the emotion controller to replace the PLC control , it has the advantage of more highly working efficient and more easyer operation.As we know piston filling machine is an volumetric liquid filling machine,so the filling accuracy is one of the best performance coomparing to other types of filling equipments.After some years developping, Npack piston volumetric technology with features of high accuracy, high speed and working stable.Let us see the advantage features and disadvantage.

mustard oil filling machine details

Servo Piston Filler

The Npack NP-VF Servo Piston filler has been designed specifically for filling  high viscosity and even  foamy liquids ,it is application in the food, chemicals ,cosmetics and phamarceuticals industry. It is building with robust all-stainless construction,such as 304SS and 316SS contact parts, and with high performance and quality  PLC and HMI, some of more efficient npack piston filler is adapt with emotion control for tracking filling and movement .And the Servo Piston filling machine is the best one offering high accurate and reliable stable fills ,capacity  to 7,200 bottle per hour base on 500ml.


  • Accurate, high-speed operation with a wide range of liquid types
  • Full range of options to allow filling of speciality products
  • Available with up to 24 filling heads for maximum throughput
  • Complete piston extraction means easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Wide range of fill volumes to meet your exact requirements from 5ml to 5000ml


  • widely filling range from 100ml to 5000ml, and for small dosing can be 1ml to 100ml,it is almost cover all the main products filling range in the market
  • Huge filling application for different types of liquids, such as oils, cream, sauce ,jam,shampoo, detergent ,lotion and other non corrosive liquid
  • Multy filling heads for option from 1 to 24 nozzles
  • easy operation and maintaining, and operator no need special skills
  • No easy broken spare parts, only the wearing parts which is the piston seals or filling nozzles seals, and replacement is easy


each filling equipments has its advantage and disadvantage, when we choose a liquid filler, the suitable one is the best choice.Even the piston filler is one of the universal inline filler,but it has some disadvantages

  • O rings and seals need to replacement after some months working
  • compare to some other types of liquid filler, when filling difference flavor liquid, the cleaning it takes more time

The piston filler application for most of the liquid packaging industry, for it is flexiable and universal, most of the manufacturers would like to dispense their liquid using a piston filling machine.Below are some application of piston filler.

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Shampoo Filling Machine



Some Tips you need  to Consider Before Purchasing a Piston Filling Machine

Acquiring the perfect piston filling machine can pose a challenge, especially if you’re uncertain about the specifics of your needs. The market offers a wide array of options, making it vital to select the one that aligns best with your business requirements. Here are four crucial questions to ask before investing in a piston filling machine:

  1. What Types of Products Will You Be Filling? Certain filling machines are designed to accommodate specific container types, depending on the nature of the contents. For example, some fillers excel at handling dry items like pills or powders, while others are optimized for liquids. It’s imperative to ensure that your product or substance can be efficiently filled by the chosen machine.The piston filler is the best filler for viscous if you filling viscous liquid , the piston filling machine is the best choice.
  2. Will You Be Filling Carbonated ,corrosive Products? Carbonated beverages, such as soda, demand specialized filling equipment and techniques.The corrosive liquid is not good for a piston filler. If this is your intended application, it’s essential to find a machine that matches the bottle size and meets the specific requirements of your products.
  3. What Are the Container Shapes? The shape and size of the containers it is not an important matter, if you containers are standing stably.The piston filler is workable and adjustable for different size of bottles and containers.
  4. What Is the accuracy ? the piston filling machine is popular , one of the reason is the high accuracy.Npack adapt different material of the stroke piston, 304SS , 316S and ceramic piston pump,espeically the ceramic pump is with the top accuracy, eg. 100ml liquid, the ceramic pump can reach the accuracy less 0.5ml.

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