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Shanghai Npack Automation Equipment Co., ltd established in 2012,it is a reputable manufacturer focus on building and manufacturing liquid bottling equipments. Our equipments range includes top-of-the-line equipments, such as liquid fillers, bottle cappers, labeling applicators, bottle rinsers, unscramblers, sorters, and conveyor systems. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality solutions that meet industry standards and fulfill the specific needs of our clients. With our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to provide reliable and efficient equipments for all of our clients and partners.

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Whether you’re in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals, or any other industry that involves liquid filling, the right equipment is essential for efficiency, accuracy, and maintaining product integrity.We build liquid bottling machines and system that fulfill your needs.

pump filling machine

Npack provides an extensive range of liquid filling machines that come equipped with a variety of technologies and features, offering both fully automated and semi-automated

Tracking Capping Machine

Npack produces a range of bottle capping machines that operate in both intermittent and continuous modes, available in both inline and rotary setups.

Front Back Labeling Machine

Here, you can discover a wide variety of labeling applicators, encompassing options for stickers, OPP labels, hot glue, wet glue, as well as instant printing and labeling solutions.

Shanghai Npack provides a comprehensive packaging solution for liquid bottling, beginning with bottle manufacturing and concluding with the product storage and tracking system. This all-encompassing approach includes a variety of bottling equipment. The bottling equipment forms a complete packaging line, incorporating a series of devices like bottle unscramblers, fillers, cappers, and labeling applicators.

olive oil filling machine
Filling Solutions for Olive Oil
Sauce filling machine
industrial oil filling machine solution
Saucy Solutions
beverage filling machine

What Clients Comment

I’m highly pleased with Shanghai Npack. Their machinery fits perfectly into our operations, improving our productivity. Their customer service is responsive and exceptionally supportive.

honey piston filler

The Liquid Bottling machines from Npack revolutionized our packaging operations, offering unmatched quality and efficiency. Strongly recommended!

We work together

gulf oil

“Npack delivered outstanding service, precisely and reliably meeting our specific packaging needs. Their high-performance solutions, coupled with minimal maintenance requirements and superb customer support, have validated our investment…



“Shanghai NPACK has surpassed our expectations. The durability and performance of the equipment have significantly enhanced our productivity, and their customer service is both swift and supportive.”



“Our dealings with Shanghai Npack have been extremely positive. The machinery is dependable and easy to use, greatly minimizing our downtime. Furthermore, their support team is always on standby to help. A big thank you to your team.”



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