Our Certification

Overview of Our Certifications for Professional Development

Our company, Shanghai Npack Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., is officially registered under this name, which also serves as our trademark. Overview of Our Certifications for Professional Development,When searching for “NPACK,” please ensure to reference our full company name. Additionally, all our certifications are issued in the name of Shanghai Npack Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., which guarantees the authenticity and compliance of our products and services.

Our trade Mark Certificate

Npack, our esteemed brand, is officially registered across three key global markets: the United States, Europe, and China. This strategic registration reflects our commitment to delivering quality and reliability in our equipment and solutions, ensuring we meet the diverse needs and regulatory standards of these significant regions. By securing our brand’s presence in these major markets, we affirm our dedication to being a globally recognized and trusted partner in enhancing production capabilities for industries worldwide.

CE ,ROHS,SGS Certificate

All machines offered by Npack come with CE certification, ensuring compliance with the European Union’s health, safety, and environmental protection standards. Additionally, our products adhere to the ROHS directive, reflecting our commitment to manufacturing processes that limit the use of hazardous substances. Furthermore, our company has been verified by SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, underscoring our dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability in our operations. This trio of credentials highlights our commitment to delivering not only high-quality and reliable machinery but also our dedication to adhering to international standards and regulations.

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