Automatic Press Capping Machine with Cap feeder

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NP-PC Press Capping Machine cap snap machine

Press capping machine, also known as snap capping machine, press cap machine,it is a linear capping machine, including a cap feeding feeder, an upper cap system and a cap locking system. The machine has a simple structure, easy adjustment, strong adaptability, fast production speed, high qualification rate, and high pressure It has good performance after capping and is suitable for bottle-shaped glands for food, soy sauce, vinegar, and vegetable oil. It is widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics, chemical and other industries.

press capping machine

1. Made of 304/316 grade stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
2. Adopting PLC control, with a touch screen in both Chinese and English, easy to operate and one click settings;
3. The bottle clamping belt can be adjusted separately, suitable for bottles of different heights and shapes
4. The capping rotary capping machine has fast capping speed, stable operation, wide adjustment range, and can form a production line with the filling machine labeling machine.
5. The adjustment of the capping machine is simple. When replacing products, only the clamping devices and capping components on the capping machine and capping machine need to be adjusted, without the need to replace any parts.

2Applied bottle range100ml-1000ml 1000ml-5000ml
3Applied cap sizeDia:12-120mm
4Yield of capping>99.9%
5Power Supply220V 50HZ
5Power Consumption<0.75KW
6Air Pressure0.4-0.6Mpa for cap elevator
7Speed ControlFrequency Conversion
8Single machine noise<=70Db
10Dimension (LxWxH)1800x900x1600(mm) 
11Production Capacity1000-7200 bottles/h

The press capping machine, also recognized as a snap capping machine, is a linear capping device equipped with a comprehensive cap feeding system, an upper cap system, and a cap locking system. This machine is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing for easy adjustments and strong adaptability to various production needs. Its fast production speed and high qualification rate ensure efficiency, while the secure capping process guarantees excellent performance of sealed products. Ideal for capping bottle-shaped containers used for food products like soy sauce, vinegar, and vegetable oil, the press capping machine finds extensive application across food, beverage, cosmetics, chemical, and other industries, making it a versatile solution for numerous capping requirements.

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