NP-RL Vertical round bottle Wrapping Labeling Machine

it is a sticker labeling machine for application one or two labels for round containers

Round bottle Wrapping Labeling Machine

The NP-RL Vertical Round Bottle Wrapping Labeling Machine is a staple in the packaging industry, particularly favored by sectors like pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics for its adeptness in labeling cylindrical bottles. Characterized by its solid and robust construction, this machine is designed to offer a user-friendly experience, making it an attractive choice for clients. At the core of its operation is a powerful and reliable engine, governed by an advanced microprocessor that facilitates fast and accurate movements of both the labeling head and the label conveyance system.

Vertical round bottle Wrapping Labeling Machine
  1. This machine features a straightforward design and is user-friendly, ensuring high precision and reliability in label application.
  2. It is equipped with a sophisticated PLC control system that ensures consistent performance at high speeds, guaranteeing stable operation.
  3. The addition of a touch screen not only improves the machine’s usability by making information easy to read but also enhances its aesthetic appeal.
  4. With the capability to store over 10 sets of labeling parameters, it allows for quick and easy adjustments, streamlining the setup process for different products.
  5. Integrated automatic photoelectric detection functions enable the machine to identify the absence of objects, thereby canceling the labeling process to avoid mislabeling. It also pauses operation or activates an alarm when labels run out, minimizing label waste and ensuring no label is missed.
  6. The touch screen interface is designed to be user-friendly, supporting multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, and Russian. This multilingual capability makes it easy for operators to use and ensures seamless integration into diverse production lines, enhancing operational efficiency across various packaging processes

Technical parameters

  • Capacity: 800-2500 b/h @ 1L
  • Filling Volume: 1000-5000ML
  • Accuracy Liquid level error range : ≤2mm
  • Power: 2500W, 220VAC
  • Weight(kg) 180kgs
  • Air compressor ≤0.6Mpa

Additionally, the machine boasts a state-of-the-art control system, powered by a servo motor PLC, which ensures seamless and efficient labeling operations. An intuitive human-machine interface, supporting both English and Chinese languages, further enhances its accessibility and ease of use. This integration of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design makes the NP-RL Vertical Round Bottle Wrapping Labeling Machine an essential tool for businesses aiming to optimize their labeling processes with precision, speed, and reliability.

The round bottle labeling machine is designed with exceptional precision and built to last, featuring a comprehensive assembly that includes a product transmission system, label dispensing unit, wrapping unit, a programmable logic control (PLC) panel, electric panel, and other advanced functionalities tailored to boost manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness. Safety has been a paramount consideration in its design, with all moving parts fully enclosed to mitigate risks.

The machine’s conveying system can be finely adjusted to cater to the unique requirements of different products, supported by a strong AC variable drive that provides the necessary torque for smooth operations. An innovative motorized system guarantees even spacing between products, ensuring consistent labeling. High-quality components from trusted suppliers are used in its construction, enhancing the machine’s durability and reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This machine represents a blend of safety, efficiency, and reliability, making it an essential addition to production lines requiring precise and durable labeling solutions.

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