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Bottling Solutions and Equipments

We offer one stop amd turnkey projects for liquid bottling packaging production lines

Complete Line filling solutions

Customized liquid bottling solutions

Npack stands as a comprehensive provider of custom-engineered liquid filling solutions, offering an extensive lineup of high-performance liquid filling machines, capping and sealing machines, packaging machines, labeling machines, emulsifier mixer machines, and bottling machines tailored to meet the needs of various manufacturing industries.
With lots of experience in making machinery, our expert technicians and engineering teams really get what different kinds of production need. It doesn’t matter which industry your business is in, we’re ready to create a custom bottling solutions that does more than just work for you — it’ll help your business grow and get better at what it does. We’re all about making filling and packaging machines that will be a key part of your business growing bigger.Follow our team and our solutions articals.

Turnkey Bottling Solutions

Shanghai Npack offers one stop packaging solution for your liquid bottling,starting from the bottes making and end on the products storage and tracking system.All the solutions including a series bottling equipment.Bottling equipments are a full line packaging equipments,including a series of  equipments, such as bottle unscramber, bottle filler, capper and labeling applicators.
We offer a range of equipment that varies from hand-operated to semi-automatic and fully automatic options. Our machines use different measuring techniques including volume, gravity, overflow, and weight to handle a variety of products from thin liquids to thick sauces, jams, powders, and even solid or granular items. The design of our bottling equipment also varies to accommodate different production needs, featuring linear, rotary, and monoblock systems, each tailored to package your product with precision.

Sauce filling machine

Here you can find the food sauce bottling and packaging solutions and equipments,no matter what type of sauce or paste or jam

industrial oil filling machine solution

All types of filling solutions, including, car oil , lube oil , gear oil, engine oil, lubricant oils and gease.

Filling Solutions for Olive Oil

Olive oil, refine oil, corn oil, musta oil, any types of fliuid edible oils filling solution you can find here.


liquor,juice and beverage filling solutions in PET bottle, tin can and glass bottles or jars.


Filling Solutions for detergent, bleach, Shampoo,Hand soap,Dishwashing liquid,Hand sanitizer and Deodorant.

Efficient Cosmetics Production

Moisturizers,Serums,Toners,body lotions, cream and some other types of cosmetics filling solutions.

Filling Solution By Container

You’ll find a tailored filling solution right here, suited to your specific container requirements. If you have further questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team. We’re here to help!

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