Npack Factory:

Lquid Bottling Equipments

Shanghai Npack was verified by SGS every year,Our factory floor space is 2600 (㎡),we are a manufacturer who below verified capabilities

  • International service centers,we provides local after-sales services in specific countries
  • Full customization,we supplier supports customization based on specific requirement descriptions
  • Sample-based customization,Npack supports customization based on samples
  • Design-based customization,Npack  supports customization based on design drawings
  • Minor customization,Minor customization refers to custom logos, packaging, or graphics
  • Raw-material traceability identification, Npack supports buyers in quality traceability
  • Finished product inspection,Npack conducts stringent inspections on all its finished products
  • QA/QC inspectors,Number of supplier’s QA/QC inspection employees
  • On-site material inspection,The supplier has a relevant inspection process for this product’s raw materials
  • Quality traceability,Supports buyers in quality traceability
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