Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine

it is automatic single head pnuematic pisto filling machine ranging from 1ml to 5000ml for different models

NP-S Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine

The NP-S Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine is a high precise volumetric dosing equipment,filling liquid products from small to big quantity in one machine, ranging from 1ml to 5ml, 5ml to 30ml and 10 to100ml ,100ml to 1000ml and 500ml to 5000ml.The Machine is pneumatic driving system, main construction material is 304SS, and liquid contact parts are 304SS food grade , 316L for option.The whole machine includes 3 main parts, liquid hopper, piston cylinder and filling heads with hose or tubes.

Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine
  • Machine construction structure material is 304 stainless steel ,with material quality certificate
  • Pistons and dosing head is made by 304SS or 316L SS with material certificate
  • Piston gaskets is made by non corrosive material according to the liquid products.
  • Pneumatic adapt with SMC or Festo as a main part.
  • Equip with  emergency stop buttons
  • Ball-bearing and seals are SKF and China top level brand.
  • pneumatic shut off and anti drips filling nozzles
  • Automatic filling and padal filling is equipped in one machine

The NP-S semi-automatic filling and dosing system leverages pneumatic volumetric technology to accurately dose a wide range of liquids, from thin to highly viscous. Primarily utilized in the food, chemical, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, this system excels in its versatility. It’s especially adept at handling both clear liquids and those with particulates, such as sauces or liquids with suspended ingredients, making it a highly capable solution for a diverse array of product filling needs.

Filling Range5-60ml10-125ml25-250ml50-500ml100-1000ml
VoltageAC220V 50/60Hz
Net weight18.2kg20.1kg25.8kg30.5kg37kg
Gross weight21kg23kg29.7kg34.5kg41.5kg
Parameter list
  • servo motor driven is for option
  • HMI is for option
  • Mixing top hoppers
  • 30L Double jacket hopper with heating 
  • Pressure top tank
  • Rotary valve for food sauce with granular solid
  • Ceramic pump cylinder is for option
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