Overflow Filling Machine

NP-OF Overflow Liquid Filling Machine

The NP-OF Inline overflow liquid filling machine is expertly crafted for accurately dispensing foamy liquids and products that demand uniform fill levels. Perfect for glass bottles or robust, solid containers, this filler delivers precise filling with a focus on visual quality.


High foamy Liquid Filling Technology

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The NP-OF liquid filler is expertly tailored for dispensing both thin and foamy liquids across various industries, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and more. It is perfectly suited for products such as soy oil, liquid soap, bleach, and windshield fluid.

This specialized NP-OF Inline overflow liquid filling machine is engineered with precision for filling products that foam easily or require consistent fill levels. It offers an effective and clean filling solution for challenging liquids, ensuring uniformity and precision in every use. This makes it an exemplary choice for any liquid requiring exact volume delivery.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the NP-OF filler excels in packaging operations involving glass bottles or durable, solid containers, offering a dependable and aesthetically pleasing filling process. It adeptly manages the complexities associated with foamy liquids, providing visual control over the filling process to ensure optimal results.

Featuring state-of-the-art inline overflow technology, the NP-OF machine surpasses standard filling equipment in performance, demonstrating unparalleled efficiency. Its adoption across more than 20 countries underscores Npack’s global impact, highlighting our commitment to delivering superior industrial solutions. With over 100 industrial oil filling lines successfully established, Npack continues to be a leading name in liquid filling technology, showcasing our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction worldwide.

Machine Features

NP-OF filling nozzles

  1. Parts in contact with liquids comply with GMP standards,304 or 316SS. When filling, the filling head extends into the bottle, and the bottle mouth is sealed to ensure that the liquid does not bubble or overflow, and the liquid level in the bottle is consistent.
  2. The filling head has the function of sucking back, and there is no leakage phenomenon. No filling when the bottle is not in place, ensuring error-free operation and keeping the work area clean.
  3. This machine has only one filling pump, one top tank and one side stand tank which can be equipped with 2~20 filling heads, and the output and filling volume can be adjusted according to your need.

Option Machine Features

  • vacuum filling system
  • the filling nozzle is driven by a servo motor to move up and down
  • the specially designed overflow filling nozzle.
  • For some highly corrosive liquid products, this machine can adapt PTFE pump, PTFE hose and sealing material, so as to avoid the corrosive of the machine

Machine Characteristic

Technical parameters

  • Capacity: 800-2500 b/h @ 1L
  • Filling Volume: 1000-5000ML
  • Accuracy Liquid level error range : ≤2mm
  • Power: 2500W, 220VAC
  • Weight(kg) 180kgs
  • Air compressor ≤0.6Mpa

See how the NP-OF Working

Discover the effortless functionality of our NP-OF overflow liquid filling machine through our detailed video demonstrations. Should selecting the appropriate machine for your unique needs pose a challenge, or if you’re having trouble finding our videos, our specialized technical support teams are at your service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for tailored advice and support, helping you navigate your options with confidence for all your liquid filling needs.

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