Efficient Liquid filling machine for packaging industry

Shanghai Npack’s Liquid Filling Machine represents the pinnacle of precision engineering designed to meet the diverse needs of the liquid packaging industry. Ideal for a broad spectrum of liquid products ranging from water-thin to highly viscous formulations, this machine stands as a testament to innovation, offering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and versatility in liquid filling processes.

Innovative Liquid Filling Solutions

Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid Filling Machine is a versatile solution designed for industries requiring high precision and efficiency in liquid packaging. Whether it’s filling delicate pharmaceuticals, flavorful food and beverages, cosmetic beauty products, or chemical solutions, this machine delivers superior performance tailored to your specific needs.

Enhanced Productivity and Quality

Efficient Filling with emotion controller

Maximize output with emotion control system for precision filling, capping, and packaging solutions.

Ensure consistency and quality in every bottle produced.
Reduce downtime and enhance production capacity.
Meet market demands with reliable and high-speed equipment.
edible oil filling machine
Selction liquid Filling Solutions for You

Npack Filling Technology

Liquid filling machines are categorized based on their filling mechanism, the nature of the liquid they handle, the type of containers they fill, and the level of automation. Each type is designed to meet specific industry requirements, ensuring precision, efficiency, and adaptability across various applications. Here are the main types of liquid filling machines

Volumetric Filling Machines

Use a piston and cylinder mechanism to fill precise volumes. Ideal for viscous liquids or products with particulates.

Net Weight Filling Machines

Fill containers based on weight, using scales to ensure accurate fill levels. Perfect for chemicals, food, and beverages where exact quantities are crucial.

Level Filling Machines

Overflow Fillers is designed to fill containers to a specific level, regardless of volume variations in the container. Excellent for transparent containers where fill level visibility is important.

Time-based Filling Machines

Time Gravity Fillers, it is use a timer to control the filling time, suitable for thin, free-flowing liquids. The simplicity of this method makes it a cost-effective solution for certain applications.

Liquid Pump Filling Machine

Adapt with a pump measuring technology dosing liquid and viscous liquid,such as lobe pump,peristaltic pumps and gear pumps

Flow Meter Filling Machine

Adapt flow meters to measure the liquid volume

Industry Solution Support

Application Industry

Each type of liquid filling machine offers distinct advantages, making them suitable for various applications across the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and other industries. The choice of machine depends on the liquid’s viscosity, the required production speed, accuracy needs, and specific industry standards.

Enhance Your Efficiency with our

Sauce Filling Machine

Our multy heads piston filling machine and lobe pump filler ensures efficient and precise filling packaging of food sauce products like honey, tomato sauce,ketchup, creams, paste and dressings. Streamline your production with our innovative solutions for increased productivity and quality.

sauce filling machine
edible oil filling machine
Maximize Your Output with

Edible Oil Filling Machine

Experience the flexibility of our bottling equipment with customizable options for packaging various daily chemical liquids. Maximize your output and meet diverse market demands with our versatile solutions designed for efficiency and reliability.

Top Quality

Industrial oil Filling Machines

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality industril oil liquid bottling equipment and packaging solutions for various products like lube oil,engine oil, motor oil, and lubricant oil. Our advanced technology and precision engineering ensure efficiency and reliability in every operation.

industrial oil filling machine


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