Automatic Ropp Capping Machine with Cap sorter

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NP-RC Automatic Ropp Capping Machine

The (Roll-On Pilfer-Proof) ROPP capping machine is specifically designed to create a secure and tamper-evident seal on bottles, preserving the product’s integrity. The “Roll-On Pilfer-Proof” name accurately describes the method by which the cap is applied to the bottle.The device applies downward pressure while simultaneously using rotating wheels to form around the cap. This process rolls the cap’s skirt onto the neck of the bottle, matching the screw thread of the bottle neck and forming a tight seal. If this seal is broken, it becomes immediately evident, offering a clear indication of tampering.

Ropp Capping Machine
  • This machine adeptly combines the processes of automatic lid placement, upper cover fastening, and automatic screw capping, delivering high production speed, efficiency, and consistent, stable performance.
  • Designed to handle a diverse range of bottle shapes including round, square, and unconventional shapes, it demonstrates remarkable versatility.
  • Transitioning between different bottle specifications is streamlined through simple lid adjustments, promoting operational simplicity.
  • The incorporation of internationally recognized brands for its electrical and pneumatic components ensures a low failure rate, reliable and lasting performance, and prolonged machine lifespan.
  • With its logical and compact design, the machine maintains stable operation and offers the flexibility and convenience needed for adjusting to different specifications.
  • Features an adjustable buffer turntable for the bottles, enhancing processing smoothness.
  • The application speed of the aluminum covers is readily adjustable, allowing for easy customization.
  • An automatic start and stop function is integrated to boost efficiency during operation.
  • Drawing from the strengths of various domestic and international capping machines, this device stands out as a comprehensive solution for capping a wide range of caps.
  • The machine is characterized by its appealing design, high level of automation, excellent stability, and easy adjustment process. It does not require additional parts for changing between bottle types or lids, achieving a high success rate for screw caps. It is suitable for use across food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide, cosmetics, and other sectors.
Capacity1800-2000 b/h(Customized capacity based on demand)
Suitable capAluminum Cap
Yield of cap99%
Power consumption0.8KW
ROPP capping machine

An ROPP capping machine typically includes a conveyor system for moving bottles into position, a mechanism for sorting and feeding caps, and the capping head itself. This head is equipped with rollers that engage with the cap, exerting the necessary pressure and rotational movement to fasten the cap securely onto the bottle.

These machines are often fully automated and capable of handling large volumes of bottles, making them ideal for continuous production lines. They are designed to integrate smoothly with other packaging line equipment, such as bottle fillers, labeling machines, and induction sealers, to create a complete packaging solution.

Roll-on pilfer-proof (ROPP) caps are gaining popularity across the beverage and food sectors due to their secure sealing capabilities. Their widespread use spans a variety of industries, including liquor, medical, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, agrochemicals, edible oils, lubricating oils, and more. This demand is driven by the versatility of ROPP capping heads, which can be adjusted to fit bottles of various shapes and sizes.

Equipped with two threading and two sealing rollers, these capping heads are adept at accommodating caps of different diameters and heights, covering a range of cap styles from standard semi-deep drawn to deep drawn, and even extra deep drawn caps. The adaptability of ROPP capping heads enables precise adjustments to match a broad spectrum of container shapes, diameters, and heights, ensuring a tight and secure seal for a diverse array of product containers.

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