Hot melt glue labeling machine

it is a hot glue OPP labeling machiens with high capctity

NP-HGL hot melt glue labeling machine

The Shanghai Npack hot melt glue labeling machine offers precision in applying (OPP/BOPP) labels to bottles, cans, and barrels, making it a key player in the automatic labeling sector. With its advanced PLC control, imported servo motors, and a positioning module, it ensures fast, accurate labeling for beverages and food industries. Ideal for various container types, this labeling applicator stands out for its efficiency and reliability, catering to products like juices, dairy, and sports drinks.

hot melt glue labeling machine

The NP-HGL hot melt glue labeling machine combines advanced technology with efficiency, offering a premium solution for diverse packaging needs. Key features include:

  • Advanced Control Systems: Utilizes PLC control and servo systems for fast, precise labeling.
  • Smooth Bottle Feeding: Dual axis screw mechanism enhances the feeding process for high-speed operations.
  • Versatile Labeling Mechanisms: Equipped with label supply, cutting, and pasting units for various packaging specs in food, pharma, and more.
  • Quality Construction: Made from 304/316 stainless steel, meeting GMP standards for cleanliness.
  • High Automation: Three-phase motor and PLC control for adjustable speeds and automation.
  • Cost-Effective: Hot melt adhesive offers an economical labeling solution, reducing costs.
  • Safety and Reliability: Features alarms for label exhaustion and fail-safes for application errors.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Siemens touch screens for easy adjustment of labeling parameters.

Npack, with 12+ years in the field, specializes in customizing bottle labeling machines to match your specific requirements. For personalized service and efficient labeling solutions, reach out to Npack.

Suitable bottle volume265ml±4ml
Speed6000 -10000bottles/hour
Bottle shapeRound bottle
Bottle diameter:55mm-100mm
Label exact:2mm
Applicable material of labelPAPER, PP, BOPP, OPP, PVC, PE, ETC
Applicable material of bottlePE, PET, Glass bottle, POP Can
Power308 VOLTS, 3 PHASE, 50-60 HZ, 9 -12 KW
Air consumption4Mpa
Weight1500 Kg
Dimension of machineL5000 × W1800 × H2000 mm including coneyor
Opp Labeling Machine

The Shanghai Npack hot melt glue labeling machine excels in applying (OPP/BOPP) labels with precision and efficiency to a wide range of containers including plastic bottles, cans, and barrels. This advanced labeling applicator is engineered with cutting-edge technology, incorporating a PLC programmable controller, high-grade imported servo motors, servo drivers, frequency converters, and sensitive sensors to ensure unparalleled accuracy and consistency in labeling.

Thanks to its automatic labeling system, the machine boasts a positioning module that guarantees each label is placed accurately, quickly, and stably, making it an ideal solution for high-volume production needs. The versatility of this machine is further highlighted by its suitability for various bottle types across multiple sectors, including fruit juice, tea beverages, dairy products, purified water, seasonings, beer, and sports drinks, catering extensively to the food and beverage industry.

Shanghai Npack’s commitment to innovation is evident in the design of this labeling applicator. It not only meets the dynamic needs of modern packaging lines but also sets new standards for automatic labeling efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation. Whether you’re looking to enhance the packaging line of your existing products or launching a new beverage into the market, the Shanghai Npack hot melt glue labeling machine offers a robust solution to meet your labeling requirements.

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