Powder Filling Machine

As experienced years in packaging bottling industry,npack will work with you and supply the best automatic bottling and bagging solution for your powder products.Npack designed and built different types of powder filler adapt with different technology, it is not only auger system, also having the weighing system with more accuracy.Welcome inquiry us.

Powder Filling Machines selection directory

Are you looking for packaging solutions for powders? Automatic and semi automatic Bottling and bagging? Shanghai Npack provides a comprehensive powder filling and packaging solutions, perfect for products ranging from chemicals ,food and phamarceuticals powder. Our auger powder filler machines are both adapt for container and pouch or bag filling ,it guarantees accurate packaging for products such as protein powder, dusting powder, baby powder, body powder, powdered milk, fluoride powder, pancake mixes, powdered sugar, talcum powder, epoxy powder, cocoa powder, and foot powder. Additionally, we supply specialized machines ,such as the small dry powder filling machine for lab pharmaceuticals, for glass vial and capsule.We are listing some of our main powder filler for your reference to, for more details information or customized powder packaging projects, please feel free to contact with us.

Efficient and Fully automation powder auger filling technology

Bottle Vial Dry Powder Compact Filling Machine

Npack compact powder filling and capping machine is specially design for filling powder into small bottles and vial containers,from 1g to 50g.It is mostly application for cosmetics powder, baby body powder, phamarceuticals powder and spicy powder.It is a monobock rinsing, filling and capping machine with below features

Automatic air rinsing the bottles before filling
Auger and weigher filling as option
Automatic powder dust suction when filling
Automatic viberation the bottle when filling the powder,ensuring the powder go inside the bottle bottom
Servo motor driven auger filling
No bottle no filling
NO cap, no capping, no inner cap, the outer cap will not capping
Automatic stop working if the output conveyor are full
compact auger filling machine

Efficient and Fully automation powder bag packaging Equipments 1g to 1KG

Powder Pouch bag Filling Machine FFS or FS

it is a horizontal pouch ,sachet and bag forming , filling and sealing machine.When it is application for packaging powder, the filling dosing system is adapt with auger , the auger is driven by a servo motor.It is also applicable for such industry field including foodstuff, pesticide, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals etc. Adapt for different dosing technology and method, it used fo packaging and dosing liquid, powder, particle, and sauce.

Premade pouch automatic feeding device or automatic forming the pouch from a reel film.
Max. width of pouch width 320mm
with automatic powder feeding screw
304SS food grade and 316 stainless steel for option
Horizontal type for flexible adjustment for different size of pouch and sachet
For different capacity demand, 1 or 2 filling nozzles as option
FFS powder filling machine

100g to 5000g powder bottling canning solution

Inline Auger filling machine for powder

it is a linear auger filling machine for can, bottles and other stand containers for packaging powders.The whole machine consists 3 main parts, the auger system, conveyor and the control system with a recheck weigher.It is an automatic filling machine for dry powder, application for weighing and filling milk powder,spicy powder,talcum powder.

filling range from 100g to 5000g
equipment with one or two auger for option
no can no filling
automatic sunction the dust
Automatic Inline Can botle powder Filling Machine

1Kg to 50Kg powder bagging machine

Powder weighing and filling machine for Bag

it is a semi automatic weighing and filling machine for the powder into bags,we also call it powder bagging machine.for diffferent filling range, we have different types of model.Welcome you visit us or send us your inquiry.

Adopt a servo motor and electronic weighing technology, the aircraft is slightly lower cost in comparison with the servo motor, and it is economical and practical.
Spiral screw cutting, light-control technology.
One machine within the 2-5000g adjustment and replacement of the keyboard under different specifications of material spiral continuously adjustable
auger powder filler for bag
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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our powder packaging machine ,equipments and services.

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