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Piston filling machines

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What is piston filling machine?

Piston Filling machine is a state-of-the-art solution for semi auto,automatic, multi-heads liquid filling. Driven by main servo motor,pneumatic and mechnical, these piston fillers are designed for precision in handling high-viscosity and foamy substances.
Shanghai NPack, with a decade of expertise, presents the piston filler, equipped with individual servo motors for each piston, ensuring accurate volumetric measurements. This technology is particularly well-suited for the food, chemical, and cosmetics industry.
Experience the benefits of NP-VF’s advanced piston filler technology, adept at handling liquids with high viscosity and foam. Shanghai NPack offers a cost-effective investment for those prioritizing precision, efficiency, and innovation in liquid filling solutions. Choose piston filling machine forsemi auto and  automatic, volumetric, multi-heads excellence.

Innovative Smart filling Solutions

Piston Filling Machines Selection

Volumetric Piston filling machines are widely used in various liquid packaging industries due to their high accuracy in dosing a specific volume of liquid into containers. The principal mechanism involves a cylinder and piston setup that draws in the product and then pushes it out into the container. This method of filling is especially beneficial when handling products with varying viscosities.For its piston measuring system, we also call the piston filling machine as volumetric filler.

The main construction material is 304SS (we can offer the quality Certificate); Piston material is ceramic or 316SS or titanium ,and top liquid buff tank is 304SS and 316L stainless steel for option;filling nozzles are chosen accordingly;The piston gaskets is made of non-corrosive material, such as Teflon.

Robustness material and components, Waterproof coontrol cabinet and box, ensuring durability and reliability. The pneumatic parts are from Airtac and SMC , Festo is as optional supplier.

Siemens HMI is strategically positioned on the front side of machine for operator convenience considering. The whole machine is equipped with 3 emergency stop buttons,one under the touch screen, one is at feeding side of bottles, and one located at the back side of the machine.

The main components are from Siemens, Panasonic, and schneider top brand, ensuring a combination of advanced technology and reliability. Electrical components are sourced from Schneider, a trusted brand in the industry.

The electric installation is meticulously organized, with each cable identified and documented through a single-line electrical diagram covering the entire system. Ball bearings and seals are sourced from SKF and other top-level Chinese brands, ensuring optimal performance.

Featured with servo-driven diving filling heads, for precise diving and easy adjustable different height of containers. Pneumatic shut-off or anti-drip filling nozzles . drip tray is incorporated with a standard feature,which is further ensuring a clean and efficient operation.

The operation of an automatic piston filling machine, such as the ones provided by Shanghai Npack, is both intuitive and efficient. This type of filling machine shares common features with others, incorporating essential components like pistons and advanced servo driven and control systems including PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), frequency converters, and motors.

At the core of the piston filling machine is the volumetric filling mechanism, where precision is key. this is also the main reason why people would like to use a piston filler.The pivotal components in this process are the piston and cylinder. The system operates on a straightforward stroke movement principle, facilitating the accurate measurement and dispensing of liquids into containers.

The operation begins with the pulling of the piston, allowing the liquid to enter the cylinder. Subsequently, the piston is pushed, transferring the precisely measured liquid into bottles. This systematic pull-and-push movement is reminiscent of a syringe, ensuring a reliable and efficient liquid filling process.

Here we are listing some of the popular application industries for piston filling machines:

  1. Food and Beverage: it is an ideal liquid filling machine for viscous food products ,such as sauces, jams, honey, and condiments,also for a juice or water drinks.
  2. Cosmetics and Personal Care products: In the cosmetics packaging process, piston fillers are used for accurately dosing and filling creams, lotions, gels, and other skincare cosmetics liquid.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Piston filling machines are also popular application in the pharmaceuticals ,for filling syrups, creams, pastes, and other medicinal preparations, the most often using piston material is the ceramic piston pump, GMP and FDA standard.
  4. Chemicals: non corrosive chemical liquids , such as detergents, shampoo,solvents, and lubricants, piston fillers can effectively handle both harsh and delicate chemical viscosities while ensuring that containers are filled to the precise level required.
  5. Household Products: These machines are also used for filling household goods such as cleaning agents, dishwashing liquids, and other household chemicals.
  6. Paints and Coatings: Piston filling technology can be utilized for filling various types of paints and coatings, which often require handling of thick, viscous materials.
Enhanced Productivity and Quality with servo piston filler

Automatic inline Multy heads Vertical Piston Filling machine

Model: NP-VF
Filling range:1ml to 5000ml
2 to 16 Filling heads
Max capacity:140b/min base on 100ml

The NP-EVF model is an automatic, multi-head horizontal piston filling machine that operates with a main servo motor, or alternatively, each piston can be individually powered by its own air cylinder. As one of the initial designs in automatic piston filling technology, this machine has maintained its popularity for liquid packaging tasks due to its cost-effective and efficient performance, even after several years of advancements in the field.
Reduce Your equipments cost with economical automatic filler

Automatic inline Multy heads horizontal Piston Filling machine

Model: NP-EVF
Filling range:1ml to 5000ml
2 to 4 Filling heads
Max capacity:30b/min base on 100ml

Model: NP-RVF
Filling range:100ml to 1000ml
8 to 36Filling heads
Max capacity:250b/min base on 500ml

The NP-RVF Automatic Rotary Piston Filling Machine was initially crafted to fulfill the demands of high-capacity filling for single viscous liquid product packaging. This rotary piston filler operates seamlessly, ensuring continuous liquid filling without interruption in the bottle transfer process. With the evolution of technology over the years, Npack has undertaken updates to enhance the machine’s versatility. The latest improvements make it easier to switch over parts, facilitating efficient adaptation for various sizes of containers. This innovation allows for increased flexibility and ease of use, meeting the diverse needs of different packaging requirements.
Automatic Tracking Piston Filling Machine
Non stop working when filling, emotion control system

Automatic Tracking Piston Filling machine

Model: NP-TVF
Filling range:1ml to 1000ml
2 to 4 Filling heads
Max capacity:50b/min base on 500ml

Bench top Piston Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine

Model: NP-S
Filling range:1ml to 5000ml
1 to 2 Filling heads
Max capacity:30b/min base on 100ml

Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine
Manual Piston Filling Machine
speically designed for small business

Manual Piston Filler

Model: NP-MVF
Filling range:1ml to 100ml
1 Filling head
Max capacity:10b/min base on 50ml

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