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NP-LC Spindle capping machine

Elevate your packaging process with our Shanghai Npack Automatic Spindle Capping Machine, your ultimate choice for enhancing efficiency in bottling and sealing. Designed with precision and flexibility in mind, this machine is a must-have for handling an extensive range of cap types and sizes. It’s perfectly suited for sectors including healthcare, beauty, food, and beverages, efficiently managing screw caps, flip-top caps, spray caps, dropper caps, metal caps, and twist-off caps with ease.

Spindle capping machine
  • Six Spindle Integration: Equipped with six spindles, this machine ensures consistent and accurate cap application across a wide spectrum of products, enhancing sealing efficiency and product integrity.
  • Dual Mechanical Clutches: Featuring two sets of mechanical clutches, the machine offers superior control over torque application, ensuring each cap is secured with precision while protecting the integrity of both the cap and the product.
  • Front Knob Adjustments: Simplify the setup process with easy-to-use front knob adjustments, allowing for quick and accurate changes to suit different cap sizes and types, facilitating a seamless transition between products.
  • Non-Vibratory Feeder: A sophisticated non-vibratory feeder system ensures a steady and controlled supply of caps to the capping mechanism, reducing noise levels and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Wide Cap Range Compatibility: Capable of handling 400, 410, and CRC caps ranging from 8 mm to 120 mm, this machine offers exceptional flexibility for a variety of packaging needs.
  • Rapid Changeover: Engineered for fast and easy changeovers, this machine significantly cuts down on downtime, allowing for more time spent in production.

Machine Characteristic

NAME MODEL              NP-LC Automatic linear spindle capping machine        
Capacity0~200b/m(subject to bottles and cap size)
Bottle and cap diameter        Φ10~120 subject to samples
Bottle Height40~380mm
Spindle capping machine dimension    L1060*W896*H1620mm
VoltageAC 220V 50Hz
Cap Feed system          Elevator feeder              

Our Advanced Six-Spindle Capping Machine is engineered to fulfill the rigorous requirements of contemporary packaging lines. Featuring a durable build and cutting-edge design, this machine presents an optimal solution for enterprises aiming to enhance their bottling and sealing processes. It is exceptionally well-suited for a variety of sectors, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverages, offering unparalleled versatility and dependability. This machine is tailored to support businesses in achieving efficient and reliable capping operations, ensuring product integrity and quality.

  1. Our design principle of ‘one motor per capping wheel’ guarantees stable operation and consistent torque, even under prolonged usage, ensuring the machine’s reliability.
  2. Adjustable clamping belts provide the flexibility to cap bottles of different heights and shapes, enhancing the machine’s adaptability to various packaging requirements.
  3. An optional cap guiding system can be integrated, making the machine compatible with pump caps and expanding its versatility.
  4. Equipped with a convenient construction adjustment system that includes a precise ruler and counter, this feature allows for easy and accurate adjustments.
  5. The machine’s mainframe is designed to automatically lift and lower, powered by a motor, facilitating easy adjustment to accommodate different bottle sizes.

Elevate your production capabilities with our Advanced Six-Spindle Capping Machine. Designed to streamline your packaging process, it combines speed, precision, and versatility to meet the evolving needs of your business, ensuring every product is perfectly sealed and ready for the market.

  • Streamlined efficiency with six spindles for high-speed capping
  • Precise torque control with mechanical clutches for optimal seal integrity
  • Quick and easy adjustments for a flexible production line
  • Low maintenance with a durable, compact, and hygienic design
Cap Sorter
Cap elevator

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