monoblock filling machine

Monoblock filling machine is a compact filling machine, conbinationt the rinsing or washing, filling and capping or sealing in one machine,we also call it as 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 machine, but now some leading manufacturers even have 4 in 1 and 5 in 1, the leading manufacturers add some additonal function into the machines, such as inpsection and labeling.All of these development are base on the customer require less working space and technogloy developed.

Monoblock Filling Machines selection directory

Shanghai Npack offers monoblock filling machines which is designed to simplify your bottling line ,we make combining multiple machines function into a compact unit equipment, such as rinsing ,filling and capping. Our compact monobloc filling machine is application for the phamarceuticals, cosmetics ,food and chemicals industry.To choose the monoblock filler you can follow the below models and indutrial you are in. IF you do not how to choose a filling machine, please feel free to contact our sales engineer.

For the Monoblock filler is also adapt different type of filling technology,so it is suitable for dosing any fluid, non fluid, powder and solid granular products.For it is compact feature, the whole machine is footprint space designed,so it is not efficient for big contaners.Normally it is ideal for vial, and small containers and pouch. For filling vial bottles for phamarceuticals and cosmetics , filling range 1ml to 120ml;for pouch not more than 500ml;for beverage industry is not more than 5000ml.

Auger filling system for dry powder

Bottle Vial Dry Powder Compact Filling Machine

Npack compact monoblock powder filling and capping machine is specially design for filling dry powder into small bottles and vial containers,from 1g to 50g.

1 or 2 auger filling heads for option
1 or 2 air rinsing heads for option before filling
with automatic dust sunction system
with automatic viberation function when filling powder
Servo motor driven auger filling
No bottle no filling
compact auger filling machine

Efficient and Fully automation viscous cosmetics liquid

Compact monoblock filling machine for cosmetics

We offer filling and capping solutions for a wide range of cosmetic products, including creams, lotions, multi-stream ‘swirl’ products, make-up, and mascara. These cosmetic products share common physical properties that contribute to their texture, application, and performance.Our filling and capping machines are designed to handle the unique characteristics of these products, ensuring precise and efficient filling for various container types and sizes. Whether you are producing thick creams, smooth lotions, or complex multi-stream products, our machines provide accurate filling to maintain the quality and consistency of your cosmetics.


1ml to 120ml liquid vial filling solution

Compact monoblock filling machine for phamarceuticals liquid

The NP-MFC filling and stoppering(capping) machine is perfect for packaging and bottling phamarcueticals liquid, if you require the space is limited. This machine is designed to occupy minimal space while maintaining a clean environment through hood isolation and laminar is capable of filling liquids and then inserting stoppers into the containers, then also automatic capping the outer cap. The capacity of this monoblock one is according to the nunber of the filling nozzles and capping heads,max speed can reach 80pcs /min

filling range from 1ml to 120ml
filling technology can be pump and piston
no vial ,no filling
no stopper, no capping
Compact monoblock filling machine for phamarceuticals liquid

300ml to 5000ml beverage and water machine

3 in 1 rinser,filler and capper monoblock for beverage

The 3-in-1 rinser, filler, and capper monoblock for beverages is an integrated compact monoblock packaging machine designed to streamline the bottling process. This monoblock system combines rinsing, filling and capping functions into one compact unit, making it ideal for the efficient production of beverages such as water, juice, soda, and other liquid products.

3 in 1 rinser,filler and capper monoblock for beverage

250ml to 750ml can filling and seaming machine

Carbonated drinks monoblock Filling Machine 2 in 1

This machine is suitable for filling and seaming cans (tinplate) of carbonated beverages such as juice, soda, protein drinks, and canned beer. It is highly efficient, with a capacity of 2,500 cans per hour for both 300ml and 500ml sizes.
Designed for high-speed production, this machine ensures precise filling and secure seaming, maintaining the quality and carbonation of the beverages. Its robust construction and advanced technology make it an excellent choice for beverage manufacturers aiming for high-volume output and consistent product quality.

A Carbonated Drinks Monoblock Filling Machine (2 in 1) is designed to integrate the processes of filling and capping carbonated beverages in one unit

100ml to 1000ml pouch machine

Pre-made Spout Pouch filling and capping machine

The automated spout pouch filling capping machine is designed for filling and capping stand-up spout pouches, packaging needs of liquids and semi-liquid products. It offers fully automated production, encompassing pouch loading, vacuuming, fixed-position filling, nitrogen flushing, spout cleaning, cap feeding, insertion, capping, and discharge of finished products. Equipped with a specialized metering system, it ensures precise filling volumes.

with automatic spout feeding conveyor
filling from 100ml to 1000ml.
for different viscous liquid, the filling system can be piston or lobe pump
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