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NP-TC Automatic Tracking Capping Machine

The Automatic Tracking Capping Machine represents a technological breakthrough for the packaging industry, perfectly complementing the automatic tracking filling machine to create a comprehensive packaging line solution. Featuring an advanced motion controller, all of its operations are powered by servo motors, making it a near-fully intelligent piece of equipment. This innovation ensures unparalleled precision and efficiency, marking a significant step forward in automated packaging processes

Tracking Capping Machine
  • The integration of a servo system with a torque module for controlling the capping head allows for the precise setting of cap tightness, offering customizable capping solutions.
  • Constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability, hygiene, and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for extensive industrial use.
  • The cap feeding system can be customized to accommodate different cap types, utilizing either a Cap elevator or a vibrator, enhancing its versatility in handling various cap styles.
  • Adjustments for different sizes of bottles and caps can be made quickly and easily without the need for changing parts, with the exception of the capping head, streamlining the changeover process.
  • The innovative design ensures that liquids remain in the bottle without spillage, as bottles do not need to stop for capping. The capping heads move in synchronization with the bottles, providing a seamless capping process.
  • Designed for wide application, the machine allows for fast and easy switching between different caps and bottles, highlighting its flexibility and efficiency in diverse packaging environments.
  • Features a high success rate in cap loading with its pick and place capping mechanism, ensuring reliable and consistent capping operations.
  • Ensures perfect capping without damaging the bottle or cap, maintaining the integrity of both the product and its packaging, thus ensuring a high-quality presentation and product safety.

Machine Characteristic

No.ModelNP-TC Series
1Speed40pcs/Min base on one heads,80pcs base on two heads             
2Cap TypeScrew cap,snap caps
3Bottle Diameter30-120mm customized
4Bottle Height50-380mm
5Cap Diameter18-120mm
5Power3.5KW for single head capping
6Air Pressure0.6-1Mpa
7Voltage380V, 50Hz/60Hz
9Dimension2200mm*1400mm * 2250mm

The Npack NP-TC series automated tracking capping machine represents an innovative evolution of the traditional inline pick and place capping mechanism, specifically engineered to enhance throughput and overcome the limitations of lower capacity models. Controlled by a sophisticated Motion Controller for superior efficiency and precision over PLC-based systems, this machine synchronizes the capping heads with the moving bottles to ensure seamless operation.

Configurable with either one or two capping heads, the NP-TC series offers a versatile capacity range of 40 to 80 bottles per minute, accommodating a broad spectrum of bottle sizes from 50ml to 5000ml without compromise on performance. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide array of production needs.

A standout feature of this machine is its ability to maintain continuous bottle movement, crucially preventing any spillage of liquid post-filling during the capping phase. It is equipped with an advanced servo system, comprising belt servo, horizontal movement servo, vertical movement servo, and a servo-driven capping head, each contributing to the machine’s exceptional grip, precision, and speed during the automatic capping process. This integration of technology ensures efficient, high-speed operations while maintaining accuracy and consistency in capping.

  • vacuum capping system
  • cap elevator or viberator cap sorting feeding system
Cap Sorter
Cap elevator
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