Cold Glue Labeling Machine

it is a wet glue and cold glue labeling machine ,for application paper labels on glass, Plastic tin can

NP-GL Cold Glue Labeling Machine

The NP-GL automatic cold glue labeling machine, often referred to as the wet glue labeling machine, it is application for paper labels  and paste glue on labels, then sticking on bottles.It is one of the popular label applicator for food industry and medicine bottles and jars.It stands as a dedicated inline industrial label applicator crafted for the precise application of bottle labels. This machine is especially adept at handling round bottles, making it an ideal labeling solution for a wide array of round bottle types. Its widespread application across food, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries attests to its versatility and efficiency in meeting diverse labeling needs. With its specific design for round bottles, it ensures accurate label placement, enhancing product presentation and compliance with industry standards.

cold glue labeling machine

1. The entire machine is made of 304/316 grade stainless steel material, which meets GMP standards
2. Equipped with a Siemens touch screen, the operation interface is friendly and easy to set. The main functions include: product counting, output equipment, multiple sets of parameters, equipment status monitoring, automatic shutdown of equipment faults, alarm prompts, etc
3. Automatic photoelectric detection, without bottle or label, automatic calibration or alarm automatic detection function, to prevent leakage and waste of labels
4. It can work independently or form an automated production line with bottom filling machine and bottom capping machine
5. For containers and labels of similar sizes, there is no need to replace any parts, and production can start with slight adjustments.
6. Servo motor and PLC control, high precision labeling machine
7. Optional ribbon coding machine and inkjet printer, which can print production batch number, production date, and other information for labeling and inkjet integration

1Labeling capacity(pcs/min)60-150 pcs/min (Related to the material and label size)
2Labeling accuracy(mm)±1.0mm
3Bottle sizeOutside diameterφ30-φ100mm (H)20-150mm
4Label size(L)20-200mm(H)20-140mm
5Air pressure5KG/cm2
5Power supplyAC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1800W

This machine’s working process starts with round containers being transferred from the built-in machine to a moving conveyor, where they are positioned accurately through the labeling points. A rotating cartridge receives cold glue, which is then transferred to the glue rollers. These rollers apply a uniform and thin film of glue to a glue pad. As containers enter, they push a micro switch that causes the label cartridge to swing, allowing the rotating glue pad to pick up a label. This label is then transferred to the container using a pick-up roller and vacuum system. As the container moves, it is wrapped with the label, which is then neatly fixed in place by a rubber compression band​

The automatic wet cold labeling machine operates on a straightforward yet effective principle tailored for efficient labeling of round bottles across various industries. Its design is economical and user-friendly, ensuring stable performance and a visually appealing labeling result. The machine initiates its process by applying resin adhesive onto an adhesive rod. Labels are then moved from the label box to the adhesive rod, where they are rotated under vacuum pressure to adhere firmly to the vacuum belt. This precise mechanism allows the label to be smoothly and accurately applied to the round bottle.

With over a decade of expertise, NPack stands as a leading wet glue labeling machine manufacturer, dedicated to fulfilling your labeling requirements through personalized, one-stop customized services. For those interested in enhancing their labeling processes, NPack invites you to get in touch to explore how their solutions can benefit your business.

  1. Automatic bottle unscrambler
  2. Bottle feeding turntable
  3. Date printer 
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