Automatic Shrink Sleeve Label Machine

it is label sleeving and shrinking machine

NP-LS Automatic Shrink Sleeve Label Machine

Automatic shrink sleeve label machine is a highly automated packaging machinery. It consists of separating screw, drive rollers, rubber underbrushes,plc control system, center column,feeding group, cutter set,electric box, conveyor belt, motor,etc. It is used in the packaging and labeling process of various products, and is suitable for round bottles, flat bottles, square bottles, curved bottles, cups and other products in light industrial industries such as food and beverage, medical, and daily chemicals.

bottle label shrink machine

1. The entire machine is made of 304/316 grade stainless steel material, which meets GMP standards. Its structure is more durable, its performance is more modular, and it is simple and easy to operate
2. Servo motor and PLC control, label detection system ensures minimum error and high labeling accuracy
3. The tool block can be freely changed, and the tool change is fast and convenient, with a long service life
4. Label positioning device, which can synchronously adjust the lifting position according to the shape requirements of the container
5. Acrylic interlocking door, clean and tidy
6. Configure a color Siemens touch screen to quickly adjust parameters such as labeling speed and label length

Input Power1.5KW
Input Voltage∮3,380/220VAC
Production Efficiengcy100-150(Bottle/min)
Size of Host MachineL2100mm x W850mm x H2000mm
Applicable Diameter of Bottle BodyΦ28mm-Φ125mm
Applicable Length of Lable30mm-250mm
Applicable Thickness of Label0.03mm-0.13mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube(Free Adjustment)

The automatic shrink sleeve label machine represents a pinnacle of automation in packaging machinery. it is mostly using for drinks and beverage industry Comprising an intricate array of components including a separating screw, drive rollers, rubber underbrushes, a PLC control system, a center column, a feeding group, a cutter set, an electric box, a conveyor belt, and a motor, this machine is engineered for the seamless packaging and labeling of a diverse range of products. Its versatility extends to accommodating various container shapes and sizes, from round to flat, square, and even curved bottles, as well as cups. This makes it an ideal solution for light industrial applications spanning the food and beverage, medical, and daily chemical sectors. The machine’s highly automated nature ensures precision, efficiency, and adaptability in modern packaging lines.

Option Machine Features

1.Label conveying unit:
Single material rack, reasonable height, convenient for label installation. Using a rotating potentiometer to ensure smooth and smooth label delivery, avoiding issues such as incorrect label length and label blocking during label servo delivery. It will automatically stop and emit an alarm light, which will be displayed on the touch screen.
2.Cleaning unit:
By using a motor combined with a double arc synchronous belt, the rubber core, rubber wheel, and tire are cleaned synchronously to ensure stable labeling.
3.Bottle conveying system:
Mechanical transmission is used to drive the positioning belts on both sides. When replacing the entire bottle conveying mechanism, the up, down, and width are controlled by a handwheel, which is synchronized and quickly adjusted.
4.Head lifting device:
Adopting an electric motor for lifting and lowering, making operation more convenient.
5.bottle shrinking tunnel
The new bottle shrinking tunnel is widely applicable to round, square, and flat bottles of different shapes and irregularities, making it easy to adjust and maintain. The low-pressure steam drum is evenly distributed and the steam injection method is uniform, using a seamless pipe design. The nozzle is divided into three adjustable sections, and the height, position, and steam output of each section can be adjusted separately to achieve perfect contraction effect. The entire machine is insulated with stainless steel material, which not only saves energy but also meets international safety standards. Stainless steel defrosting plate collects condensate water. The entire machine adopts a waterproof design, which is easy to operate and has low maintenance costs.

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