Inline Pick and capping machine

Specially designed for jerry can and drum capping

NP-SC Automatic Inline Pick and capping machine

The inline automatic Pick and Place Capping Machine is a specialized automatic capping solution, meticulously crafted for jerry cans and drums, including sizes such as 4L, 5L, 10L, 20L, and 30L. It is composed of two primary components: the cap feeding elevator and the capping station. This design ensures a seamless and efficient capping process for a range of jerry can sizes, catering to the specific needs of industries requiring large volume liquid storage and transportation solutions.

Inline Pick and capping machine

The automatic cap feeding elevator plays a crucial role in augmenting the capabilities of the Automatic Linear Pick and Place Capping Machine. By ensuring a constant flow of caps to the capping head, it eliminates pauses in the process, thereby enabling a faster capping operation. This continuous supply mechanism not only boosts the machine’s productivity but also lessens the need for manual labor. As a result, the Automatic Linear Pick and Place Capping Machine emerges as an economically efficient and time-saving option, offering substantial benefits in terms of increased throughput and reduced labor costs. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their packaging processes while achieving high efficiency and cost savings.

The inclusion of a linear pick and place mechanism significantly enhances the efficiency of the machine, allowing for the precise positioning of containers to ensure that caps are applied accurately and securely. This linear movement not only aids in maintaining high levels of precision throughout the capping process but also adds to the machine’s flexibility, enabling it to adapt seamlessly to a variety of container sizes and shapes. This versatility makes the machine well-suited for addressing a broad spectrum of packaging needs across different industries, further solidifying its role as a key component in optimizing packaging lines for efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability.

Machine Characteristic

Capping heads
Capacity500b/h to 1200b/h
Voltage220V single phase
Power1.5KW including elevator

The Automatic Linear Pick and Place Capping Machine offers an innovative solution designed to optimize the capping process across various sectors. This advanced piece of equipment comes equipped with an automatic cap feeding elevator, significantly elevating the level of automation in the capping operation. By automating cap placement, this feature removes the necessity for manual intervention, leading to a smoother, more efficient, and error-free capping process.

Central to the machine’s performance is its precision-engineered single capping head, which guarantees accurate and consistent cap application. This precision ensures that every container is sealed tightly, maintaining product integrity and contributing to the streamlined efficiency of the entire production line. The machine’s focus on precision and reliability makes it a valuable asset for enhancing productivity and ensuring the highest standards of quality in product sealing.

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