Automatic Tracking Piston Filling Machine

 This inline piston filler with moving tracking filling nozzles operates seamlessly, ensuring continuous liquid filling without interruption in the bottle transfer process.

NP-TVF Automatic Tracking Piston Filling Machine

The NP-TVF Automatic Tracking Piston Filling machine is the new generation piston filler.The update is the control technology, not the volumetric dosing adapts with emotion controller,servo motor driven the moving of the pistons and filling heads.It is non stop and continuous working.The machine is working more efficient and intelligence, multi-axis high-precision synchronization controlling working.

The NP-VF Inline piston filling machine was driven by a main servo motor or each piston driven by individual servo motor.It is npack main products, after 10 years development, it is capable for filling liquid with high viscosity and high foam in the food, chemical and cosmetics industry. For automatic volumetric measurement dosing system, the NP-VF is one of the best choice with stable working technology, high efficient and lower investment.
  • Multi-axis high-precision synchronization control,continuous working
  • with 2 or 4 filling heads,capacity increase 50% comparing to the traditional piston filler
  • Filling heads trace with containers or bottles for filling
  • Machine construction structure material is 304 stainless steel ,with material quality certificate
  • Pistons and dosing head is made by 316L SS with material certificate
  • Piston gaskets is made by non corrosive material according to the liquid products.
  • Electrical components are water proof protection.
  • Pneumatic adapt with SMC or Festo as a main part.
  • HMI is fexliable moving side
  • Equip with minimum 3 emergency stop buttons, one near the touch screen, one near
    empty product insertion side and one in the back side of the machine.
  • Controller and HMI is Europ, Japan and China Top Brand
  • Electrical components schneider
  • Identification of each cable with single line electrical diagram for the whole electric
  • Ball-bearing and seals are SKF and China top level brand.
  • Servo driven filling nozzles moving right to left and up and down.
  • pneumatic shut off and anti drips filling nozzles
  • No need drips tray at all
  • One touch adjust for different size of containers.
  • Remote Assistance and help maintaining and update programme

The NP-TVF is a type of piston filler employing volumetric measurement technology. This versatile machine is well-suited for filling liquids to viscous substances, showcasing high-performance capabilities in dosing viscous liquids. It finds particular application in the precise filling of products such as creams, lotions, shampoos, detergents, and various other types of liquids commonly used in the daily chemicals and cosmetics industry. The NP-TVF’s volumetric measurement technology ensures accurate and efficient filling for a range of viscosities, contributing to its effectiveness in diverse liquid filling applications.

Filling Nozzles2-4Nozzles
Production Capacity30 to 100BPM
Filling Volume50-1000ML
Power3KW to 6KW, 220/380VAC
DrivenServo Motor
InerfaceHigh-performance intelligent mechanical controllers, and advanced HMIs

The NP-TVF features individual servo motor drive for each piston stroke movement, ensuring precise control and adaptability. Its HMI (Human-Machine Interface) offers one-touch automatic adjustment for accommodating different sizes of containers, streamlining the operational process.

Additional notable features include:

  1. Mixing Top Hoppers:Incorporates mixing top hoppers, allowing for efficient blending of substances during the filling process.
  2. Double Jacket Hopper with Heating:Utilizes a double jacket hopper with heating functionality, providing temperature control for the substances being filled.
  3. Pressure Top Tank:Equipped with a pressure top tank, enhancing the efficiency and consistency of the filling operation.
  4. Rotary Valve for Food Sauce with Granular Solid:Implements a rotary valve specifically designed for food sauces containing granular solids, ensuring precise and controlled filling.

These features collectively contribute to the NP-TVF’s capability to handle a diverse range of products, making it well-suited for applications in the food and cosmetic industries where precision and versatility in liquid filling are crucial.

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