Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine for glass jar

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NP-VC Automatic Vacuum Capping Machine

Shanghai Npack  is at the forefront as a premier producer of the Automatic Twist-off Cap Vacuum  Capping machine, mostly for glass jar and glass bottle,serving an array of sectors like Food, Beverages, and Pickle Manufacturing Units. This innovative machine specializes in vacuum capping for bottles with lug or twist-off caps, adaptable for those requiring or not requiring vacuum sealing. It integrates multiple operations into a seamless process, including automatic cap arrangement, cap loading, vacuumizing, and capping, making it a multifunctional solution for industries like food, beverages, pickle production, and chemicals.

NP-VC vacuum Capping Machine
  1. This machine is engineered for the vacuuming and capping of glass bottles, utilizing a steam exhausting process for optimal sealing.
  2. It is versatile, accommodating various types of three or four screw caps, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  3. Equipped with frequency-conversion technology, the machine offers adjustable speed settings to suit different production needs.
  4. Designed for flexibility, it enables easy changes between different bottle types without the necessity for swapping out components.
  5. The operation is streamlined through a PLC and a touch screen Human-Machine Interface (HMI), enhancing user control and interaction.
  6. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel 304 for the main parts, it guarantees durability and longevity in demanding environments.
  7. Ideal for sealing glass bottles of various shapes and sizes, the vacuum capping machine automates the transport of bottles and caps to the vacuum chamber, where a vacuum is applied before securely tightening the cap.
1Power≤2.3KW(including the vacuum pump)
2Production capacity2200-2400 BPH
3Cap diameter¢30-¢55mm ¢50-¢85mm
4Bottle height80-250mm
5Bottle diameter¢30-¢85mm
5Max vacuum-0.08mpa
6Capping torsion5-20N.M
7Air consumption0.6M3/0.7Mpa
9Dimensionsabout2100×900×1630mm 750X1060X1400mm
10Weightabout 850kg

The machine is uniquely designed to cap glass bottles and caps of varying sizes, facilitating adjustments easily without the need for changing parts. One of its key features is the “No Bottle – No Cap system,” which is augmented by its compact design, efficient operation, low noise levels, energy efficiency, straightforward operation, easy adjustments, and simplicity in maintenance and cleaning. This high level of automation ensures a smooth production process.

Operationally, the Automatic Twist-off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping machine works by reducing the air pressure inside the bottle using a rapid steam injection method, ensuring the cap is tightly secured. It then creates a vacuum by applying cold water over the bottle. Additionally, the machine is fitted with a unique vibrator feeder for Lug caps, and offers an optional waterfall-type Cap feeder elevator, enhancing its versatility and efficiency in cap handling and application.

  • vacuum filling system
  • the filling nozzle is driven by a servo motor to move up and down
  • the specially designed overflow filling nozzle.
  • For some highly corrosive liquid products, this machine can adapt PTFE pump, PTFE hose and sealing material, so as to avoid the corrosive of the machine
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