Smart Servo Capping system

Bottle Capping Machines

Our expertise in manufacturing smart torque servo capping equipment ensures that we can meet the needs of virtually any packaging operation.

Efficient Servo Driven Capping Machines With torque adjustment

We upgrade our capping machines wtih Servo Driven and torque adjustment.If you’re in search of the ideal capping machine for bottles, Npack is here to assist with your packaging equipment requirements. We specialize in both inline and rotary capping machines, offering a diverse array of robust capping solutions designed to accommodate a wide range of cap types, shapes, and sizes. Our expertise in manufacturing heavy-duty capping equipment ensures that we can meet the needs of virtually any packaging operation.

Innovative Smart Capping Solutions

Automatic Capping Machines Selection

An automatic capping machine, such as those offered by Shanghai Npack Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., is a piece of industrial equipment designed to automatically place and sealing caps onto containers or bottles. This machinery, developed with the expertise of Shanghai Npack, streamlines the packaging process, enhancing efficiency and consistency while reducing manual labor requirements.There are several types of automatic capping machines, tailored to different types of caps and containers.

Enhanced Productivity and Quality

NP-LC Spindle capping machine

Adapt with 4,3  or 2 pairs of spin wheels to spindle screw cap.It is a Flexible bottle capper for most of screws caps,twist off metal caps

Streamlined efficiency with six spindles for high-speed capping
Precise torque control with mechanical clutches or servo motor for option
Low maintenance with a durable, compact, and footprint design.
Spindle capping machine
Tracking Capping Machine
Maximize Your Output with new capping technology

NP-TC Tracking Capping Machine

High speed tracking capping system, driven with servo motors,torque is adjustable accordingly,featuring an advanced motion controller, all of its operations are powered by servo motors, making it a near-fully intelligent piece of equipment. 

Drum and Jerry Can capping system

NP-SC Inline Pick and capping machine

The inline automatic Pick and Place Capping Machine is a specialized automatic capping solution, meticulously crafted for jerry cans and drums, including sizes such as 4L, 5L, 10L, 20L, and 30L can.

Inline Pick and capping machine
press capping machine
Press cap machine snap capping system

NP-PC Pressing Cap Machine

For snap and pressing caps, mostly used in food and cosmetics industry with a high speed conveyor chain.The press capping machine, also recognized as a snap capping machine, is a linear capping device equipped with a comprehensive cap feeding system, an upper cap system, and a cap locking system

Roll-On Pilfer-Proof with multi heads

NP-RC Ropp Capping Machine

For aluminum caps, metal caps Ropp capping,Roll-On Pilfer-Proof,different capacity for option.Equipped with two threading and two sealing rollers, these capping heads are adept at accommodating caps of different diameters and heights, covering a range of cap styles from standard semi-deep drawn to deep drawn, and even extra deep drawn caps.

Ropp Capping Machine
NP-VC vacuum Capping Machine
Glass jar vacuum capping for food industry

NP-VC vacuum Capping Machine

the Automatic Twist-off Cap Vacuum Lug Capping machine works by reducing the air pressure inside the bottle using a rapid steam injection method, ensuring the cap is tightly secured.

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