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 Whether you’re looking to upgrade a single aspect of your packging production or seeking a comprehensive, turnkey bottling solution, Npack is your trustable partner


Liquid Bottling Equipments

If your industry or products involves filling bottles with liquids or viscous liquid—like in food ,sauce ,edible oil and drinks, medicine, beauty personal care products, daily chemicals ,industrial oils or chemicals—having the right automatic equipments are super important. The automatic filling machine helps you work faster, fill bottles more accurately, and ensure your packaging meeting the FDA or GMP standard. At Npack, we not only manufactures machines that fill bottles with liquids, we also designed the complete production line according what you need.

We’re all about creating high-quality machines that do the job right, matching what you’re looking for, and keeping up with important standards. With lots of experience and a big focus on doing things excellently, we’re here to give you equipment that makes your bottle filling easier and more accurate. We use the newest advance technology, including smart and robotic systems, to ensure our machines fill each bottle perfectly and accuracy.


Oils Industry

Oil bottling solutions are a series packaging solution for different types of oils automation packaging informations and equipments.

Daily Chemicals

Shanghai Npack as a liquid bottliing equipments manufacturers , we understand the importance and process of  the daily chemicals and cosmetics bottling

Food sauce

Npack built the automatic bottling equipments starting from a sauce making equipments and end on a products Palletizing

Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics and personal care products packaging and bottling equipments and solutions, turnkey projects

Beverage& Liquor

Juice Bottling solutions and equipments, liquor filling bottling complete full line production solutions and turnkey projects


syrup, eye,ear drops,

pump filling machine
Efficient Liquid filling machine for packaging industry

We offer a diverse selection of liquid filling machines featuring various technologies and modes, including both automatic and semi-automatic options.

Piston Filling Machine
Pump Filling Machine
OverFlow Filling Machine
Flow Meter Filling Machine
Net Weighing Filling Machine
Gravity Filling Machine
Tracking Capping Machine
 Automatic inline and rotary capping machines

Npack manufactures both intermittent and continuous bottle capping machines, available in both inline and rotary configurations

Spindle Capping Machine
Tracking Capping Machine
Vacuum Capping Machine
ROPP Capping Machine
Press Capping Machine
Pick and Place Capping Machine
Front Back Labeling Machine
Industrial Labeling Machines and Applicator

Shanghai Npack’s  labeling machines are designed to efficiently affix preprinted labels, including sticker labels and OPP labeling, onto products, individual packages, cartons, cases, containers, and pallet loads.

Sticker Labeling Machines
Glue Labeling Machine
Label Sleeving and shrinking machine
Ionized Air Bottle Rinser
Bottle cleaning equipments

The ionized air bottle rinser or water bottle rinser is a cutting-edge bottle washing rinsing machine designed to handle a variety of bottles andcontainers

Ionized Air Bottle Rinser
Bottle Rinser By water
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