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Liquid NET Weight filling machine for drum,pail ,can and IBC

Drum, pail, and can liquid weighing machine is a type of net weight filling machine which handle container size and type, ranging from small cans to large drums.This versatility makes it particularly valuable in industries like chemicals, food production, pharmaceuticals, and paints, where liquids must be precisely dispensed into different types of containers for distribution and sale

Enhanced Productivity and Quality

Efficient Pail NET Weight Filling Machine

Pail net weight filling machine is specifically designed to fill pails (buckets) with a precise amount of product, measured by weight

Ensure consistency and quality in every bucket dosing.
Reduce downtime and enhance production capacity.
Meet market demands with reliable and high-speed equipment.
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Selction liquid Filling Solutions for You

Npack Net Weight Filling Technology

Net weight liquid filling machine is designed for precise and efficient filling of containers with liquids by weight. This type of machine is particularly useful in industries where accurate dosage and consistency are crucial, such as in food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and beverages.

Weighing Mechanism

At the core of Shanghai Npack’s liquid weighing machine is its weighing system, which typically involves load cells or other precision weighing sensors. These sensors accurately measure the weight of the liquid as it’s dispensed into the container, ensuring accurate filling based on preset parameters, whether the container is a drum, pail, can, or IBC.

Filling Nozzles

Equipped with one or multiple nozzles, these machines can fill containers at varying speeds. Shanghai Npack designs its nozzles to handle different types of liquids—from viscous substances like oils or creams to more fluid ones like water or alcohol—and can adapt these to work with drums, pails, cans, and IBCs.

Control System

A programmable logic controller (PLC) or a computerized system usually governs Shanghai Npack’s machines. This system controls the filling process, allowing for adjustments in fill volume, speed, and other operational parameters. It ensures that the operation is precise, consistent, and can be easily modified to suit different products or container sizes, including drums, pails, cans, and IBCs.

Container Handling

Shanghai Npack liquid weighing machines often come with systems to handle containers of various shapes and sizes, aligning them correctly under the filling nozzles. These systems might include conveyor belts, indexing systems, or star wheels, specifically designed to accommodate drums, pails, cans, and IBCs.

Accuracy And Efficient

The primary advantage of Shanghai Npack’s machines is the high level of accuracy in filling, reducing product waste and ensuring that each product, whether in a drum, pail, can, or IBC, meets the required specifications;These machines can significantly speed up the filling process compared to manual filling, boosting production capacity and efficiency for a wide range of container types.

Versatility And Cost-effectiveness

 Many of Shanghai Npack’s liquid weighing machines can handle a wide range of liquid viscosities and container types, making them versatile tools for different industries and products;By minimizing overfilling and waste, Shanghai Npack’s liquid weighing machines can offer substantial cost savings over time, in addition to reducing labor costs by automating the filling process.

Top Quality

IBC and Pallet Filling Machines

IBC and pallet filling machine is designed to handle and fill large containers or drums, which are often placed on pallets for easy transportation and storage. These machines are extensively used in industries that deal with bulk products, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and lubricants

Industry Solution Support

Application Industry

Shanghai Npack’s liquid weighing machines are versatile and can be used across various sectors:
Food and Beverage: For filling beverages, sauces, syrups, and oils into drums, pails, cans, and IBCs with precision.
Pharmaceuticals: In the dosing of liquid medications into containers, ensuring each bottle, drum, pail, can, or IBC contains the exact amount of drug.
Chemicals: For filling both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals in precise amounts into various containers, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.
Cosmetics: Used in the filling of lotions, shampoos, creams, and other liquid cosmetic products into a range of containers.
These machines, developed by Shanghai Npack, are integral to maintaining efficiency, accuracy, and quality control in the production lines of industries dealing with liquid products, offering solutions for a wide array of container types including drums, pails, cans, and IBCs.

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Drum Filling Machine

Drum filling machine is a specialized industry weighing scale equipment for filling up drums or barrels with different sorts of fluids. The drum liquid fillers are generally made use of in industries such as chemicals , pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil and lubes, and others where large quantities of liquid need to be efficiently and properly dosing and measuring into drums.Npack built both the fully auomatic and semi automatic drum filling system.

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Can Filling Machine

can net weight filling machine combines the benefits of a standard can filling machine with the precision of net weight measurement technology. This type of machine is particularly useful in industries where exact quantities of product per can are crucial, such as in chemical, food, and beverage sectors.

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