Efficient Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Npack Tube filling and sealing machines are highly versatile and are utilized across a wide range of industries, including cosmetics, food, and chemicals, among others. These machines play a crucial role in efficiently packaging various products, catering to diverse needs and applications.

Npack offers a comprehensive range of tube filling machine solutions to accommodate a variety of needs, from simple semi automatic machine perfect for small-scale operations to sophisticated, fully automated systems designed for high-volume production. The primary goal of Npack’s tube filling and sealing machines, including specialized models like the aluminium tube filling and sealing machine and the cosmetic tube filling and sealing machine, is to efficiently handle and preserve the product’s quality during packaging.No matter what types of tubes, PE,Aluminum or Lamiate tubes, we have filing and sealing solutions for them.

Enhancing Your Tube Filling Production

Boost Productivity with Reliable Tube Filing Equipment

The machine is designed for complete automation, efficiently managing tube feeding, registration mark identification, filling, sealing with coding, end trimming, and tube out feeding. This full automation saves labor costs and reduces production expenses by minimizing the need for manual handling

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Tube Filling And Sealing Machine Ultrasonic Type

Features like “no tube, no fill” and “no tube, no seal” prevent wastage and protect the machine and molds from damage.

The machine includes a safety protection device and overload protection to ensure safe operation under all conditions.
It utilizes a cam indexing system that accurately positions for ten working stations, enhancing the precision of operations..
The machine adopts ultrasonic sealing technology, which eliminates the need for warm-up time, provides more stable and neat sealing, reduces distortion, and maintains a low reject rate of less than 1%.
Shut off filling nozzles specially design for viscous liquid
Made of 304 stainless steel, the machine offers resistance to acids, alkalis, and corrosion, ensuring durability in various production environments.
ModelNP-009SNP-009 (The model you are browsing)NP-005H
Auto/Semi-autoFully AutomaticFully AutomaticFully Automatic
FuntionFilling and SealingFilling and SealingFilling and Sealing
Safety ProtectionSafety device equiped overload protectionOverload ProtectionSafety device equiped Overload protection
StationTen Stations (Rotary Table)Ten Stations (Rotary Table)Servo Motor Driven Chain Type
Anti-driping fillingAnti-dripping Filling nozzleAnti-dripping Filling nozzleAnti-dripping Filling nozzle
Tube typeDual-Chamber tubeSingle tubeStrip monodose vials tubes
Tube materialPlastic tube ABL tubePlastic tube ABL tubePE Plastic PP Plastic
Color Mark systemPanasonic Color Mark SensorPanasonic Color Mark Sensor/
Tube outlet detectionDischarge check alarm systemDischarge check alarm system/
Fault AlramFailure warning featureFailure warning featureFailure warning feature
Frequency20 kHz20 kHz20 kHz
Power2.6 KW2.6 KW2.6 KW
Power supplyAC220V/110VAC220V/110VAC220V/110V
Filling systemPneumatic piston pumpPneumatic piston pump5 heads Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump (liquid) 5 heads Rotary Valve Ceramic Plunger Pump (paste)
Filling RangeB. 10-120ml C. 25-250mlA. 6-60ml B. 10-120ml C. 25-250ml D. 50-500ml0.3-10ml Valveless Ceramic Plunger Pump 1-10ml Rotary Valve Ceramic Plunger Pump
Filling Error≤±1%≤±1%≤±1%
Tube diameter25-50mm13-50mm1-7 monodoses/length 140mm
Tube height50-210mm50-250mm50-120mm
Working pressure0.6 MPa0.6 MPa0.4 MPa
Air comsumption0.48m3/min0.38m3/min0.2m3/min
Dimension (mm)L1850*W1400*H1800L1590*W1400*H1650L1300*W1300*H1950
OptionAuto Refill pumpDouble jacket heating hopper with stirrerFilling nozzle with air blow 316 stainless Steel contact partsSaftey door functionAuto Refill pump Double jacket heating hopper with stirrer Filling nozzle with air blow316 stainless Steel contact partsSaftey door functionPressurer hopperDate codingFinish products conveyor
Main Model Parameters Table

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Automatic Tube Filling Soltutions

Npack offers a versatile range of cream and ointment automatic filling and sealing machines that are designed to handle tubes made from various materials, including metal, plastic, aluminum, and laminate. These machines are specifically engineered to fill and seal a diverse array of viscous and semi-viscous products such as cosmetics, ointments, toothpaste, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and shaving creams, among others.

Precision Filling

Accurately fill tubes without wastage for cost-effective production base on piston pump filling technology

Efficient Sealing

Adapt with inner heating hot sealing device for perfect and efficient sealing 50b/m

Automated End cutting

Automatic cut the end of tubes with diffierent shapes, size and embossed

Customizable Options

Double jacket heating hopper with stirrer;Filling nozzle with air rinse;316 stainless Steel contact parts

Easy Maintenance

The machines are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring continuous operation without significant downtime. This design feature is crucial for maintaining high standards of hygiene and efficiency, essential in industries where product purity and safety are paramount.

User-Friendly Interface

The machines feature intuitive controls that facilitate hassle-free operation and significantly reduce training time. This user-friendly interface ensures that operators can quickly learn and efficiently manage the production process, enhancing overall productivity and minimizing errors.

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Grease Tube Filling Machine for lubricant industry

The Automatic Ultrasonic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine is a high-quality and high-performance machine designed for packaging lubricant grease and pastes. It features automatic tube loading and employs automatic processes for color-code detection, filling, sealing, and tail tube cutting. Controlled by a PLC system, it includes a user-friendly touch interface for easy operation.

Piston dosing system
Ultrasonic Tube Sealing
Hydraulic Press feeding the grease paste
Shut off filling nozzles specially design for viscous liquid
304 stainless steel construction material
grease tube

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Tube Filling And Sealing Machine for toothpaste

This advanced tube filling and sealing machine is specifically engineered for high-volume production, capable of handling both plastic and laminate tubes at a rate of 40 tubes per minute, making it ideal for industries such as oral care products. It is particularly effective for filling toothpaste tubes, ensuring precision and consistency with each fill.

The machine is equipped with a safety protection device and overload protection, ensuring it operates safely under all conditions. These features help prevent accidents and damage to the machine, providing a reliable and secure environment for its operation.
Shut off filling nozzles specially design for paste
Made of 304 stainless steel, the machine offers resistance to acids, alkalis, and corrosion, ensuring durability in various production environments.
toothpaste tube

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Tube Filling And Sealing Machine for cosmetics cream

This sophisticated cosmetics tube filling and sealing machine is expertly designed for the cosmetics industry, tailored specifically for products such as facial creams, body cleansers, and other cream-based cosmetics. It efficiently processes up to 40 to 50 tubes per minute, accommodating both HDPE tubes and laminated PE tubes, ensuring versatility across different packaging materials.
The machine starts with an automatic tube loading process, where tubes are individually placed. It then utilizes advanced automatic color-code detection to accurately align each tube for filling, ensuring that every product batch maintains consistent quality. The precise filling system is engineered to handle a variety of viscosities, from lightweight facial creams to thicker body cleansers, delivering the exact quantity needed without waste.

cosmetic tube


When selecting tube filling equipment, potential buyers typically have several key questions and considerations to ensure they choose the right machinery for their needs. Addressing these can significantly aid in making an informed decision. Here are some of the most frequent queries

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