Hand Sanitizer Gel Filling Solution

Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine

Npack specializes in filling solutions, designing and manufacturing filling machines that efficiently handle a variety of products, including hand sanitizers and house cleaning products. Our machines ensure that these products are securely and effectively packaged, making them ready for distribution and use.

Enhanced Packaging Productivity and Product Quality

Piston Filling machine for hand sanitizer and gel

The Npack piston filling system is adept at handling all types of hand cleaning liquids, including hand sanitizers, hand cleaning gels, and liquid soaps. It is capable of filling containers ranging from 30ml to 1000ml, ensuring precise filling accuracy for each product.

Streamlined efficiency with Multy Filling heads
The system features a servo motor-driven mechanism that controls both the piston stroke and the filling nozzles, ensuring precise and efficient operation.
The system includes diving filling nozzles equipped with a shut-off function for precise and clean dispensing.
The liquid contact parts of the system are made from 316 stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
Explostion proof design for Alcohol products and liquid

Hand Sanitizer bottle Filling Machine

The NPACK Automatic Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine is specifically engineered to meet the challenging demands of the sanitizer liquid industry. It can handle container sizes ranging from 30ml to 1000ml and is adept at managing the unique properties of various sanitizer liquids and hand soap liquids. The machine features a compact and practical design that is not only efficient but also visually appealing, making it versatile and easy to adjust for different filling operations. Additionally, it offers the perfect solution for packaging detergents and cleaning products, particularly those that are foamy or contain aggressive chemical properties, which can pose unique challenges in packaging.

The Hand Sanitizer Bottle Filling Machine is extensively utilized by manufacturers in the health and daily chemical industry for bottling liquid hand sanitizers and other hygiene products. Equipped with a conveyor for transport, precise filling capabilities, and production capacity counting, this machine offers comprehensive support for various packaging processes. It is adaptable enough to handle any type of container and can be customized to accommodate various sizes and shapes as specified by the manufacturer. This machine is designed for efficient and effective operation, making it ideal for a wide array of products, including hand sanitizers, liquid detergents, surface cleaners, and other disinfectant and hygiene products, with a particular suitability for filling plastic bottles. Npack, based in China, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of hand sanitizer filling machines.

Here’s a clear and structured list of the features of the Hand Sanitizer Filling Machine:

High-Quality Build: Constructed from robust 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

Material Options: Upgrade to 316 stainless steel for liquid contact parts is available, ideal for handling specific product demands.

Accurate Filling: Equipped with a servo motor-driven dosing system, providing precise fill levels.

Drip Prevention Tray: Features a liquid collection tray to catch any drips from the nozzle, maintaining a clean workspace.

Foamy Liquid Option: An optional diving filling head is available, designed to minimize foam overflow and maintain accurate liquid measurements.

Variable Filling Speeds: Offers the flexibility to adjust filling speeds for different parts of the dosage, enhancing versatility.

Intelligent Operation: Incorporates a “No Bottle No Fill” system to avoid waste and improve efficiency.

PLC and Touchscreen Control: Operated via a programmable logic controller with an intuitive touch screen interface.

Effortless Changeovers: Tool-free adjustments allow for quick switches between different bottle sizes, optimizing production flexibility.

Simple Maintenance: Designed with quick-connect parts for easy disassembly and cleaning.

This machine is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in filling operations, particularly suitable for industries dealing with various liquid products, including laundry detergents,hand liquid soap, all the features are base on the piston filling machine

ModelNP-VF Piston Filling Machine Series
Nozzles Number681012
Filling volume100-1000ml/ 250-2500ml/500-5000ml
Production capacity1000-6000 pcs/Hour ( Depends on Filling volume,bottle mouth, and viscous and foamy degree)
Quantitative error≤±0.5%
Voltage380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Air Pressure0.6-0.8 MPA
Air consumption0.6M3/min0.8M3/min1M3/min1.2M3/min
16 nozzles Piston Filling machine for hand sanitizer and gel working video
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