E Liquid Filling Solution

E liquid filling machine

We built a complete line for e liquid bottling with different capacity

Innovative Smart e liquid filling Solutions


This comprehensive set includes several components: a filling station, a tips feeder, a caps feeder, and a mechanical arm that automatically handles the placement and capping of tips and caps. The E- Liquid Filling machine is perfectly suited for filling a wide range of materials, including E-liquids, essential oils, perfumes, syrups, tinctures, alcohol, wine, and more.
It can operate as a standalone unit or be integrated into other packaging lines. The components that come into contact with the liquid are made from SUS316L stainless steel, while the machine frame is constructed from SUS304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and compliance with hygiene standards. It is designed to handle plastic bottles ranging from 10-100ml.
You also have the option to choose from several types of pumps including a SUS316L stainless steel piston pump, a UK-manufactured Watson Marlow peristaltic pump, or a ceramic pump, depending on your specific needs.

Enhanced Productivity and Quality

Automatic bottle unscrambler for E-liquid

In the bottling industry, an automatic bottle unscrambler serves as an essential device that automates the process of feeding bottles onto the production lines. This machine significantly reduces the necessity for manual labor by organizing and orienting bottles efficiently, ensuring they are ready for filling, capping, and labeling

Front Back Labeling Machine
e liquid filling machine
Footprint Design monoblock compact filling machine

Automatic E Liquid Filling Machine

This monoblock e liquid filling machine with automatically feeding bottle, e liquid filling, caps feeding and inserts the dropper and automatically capping, the capacity is from 20b/m to 80b/min for option.
For different viscous e liquid, filling technology is different, such as pump or piston;capping can automatic pick and place or automatic insert by an air cylinder.

labeling machine with date printer

Labeling Machine for E liquid Bottle VAPE

This is an automated labeling machine tailored for the e-liquid bottle. It excels in affixing adhesive labels to small cylindrical containers and is designed to work seamlessly with e-liquid bottles ranging in sizes from 10 mL to 120 mL.

Vertical round bottle Wrapping Labeling Machine
bottle label shrink machine
VAPE bottle Neck shrking Labeling Machines

E liquid Bottle Neck Sleeving shrinking Machine

it is specifically designed for use in the e liquid industry, where it plays a crucial role in the labeling process for vape bottle necks. Its primary function is to apply labels accurately and securely, thereby ensuring that all packaging is tightly sealed and free from any leaks. This machine is essential for maintaining the integrity of the product during storage and transport, providing an extra layer of protection against spillage and contamination.

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