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Honey Filling Machine

Npack designed and built all types of Honey Filling Machine with different filling technology, no matter your packagings are bottles, dips,spoon,stick, sachet, tubes and jars.

General Description

Welcome to your ultimate guide to honey filling machine! Whether you’re seeking details about the parts, working principle, benefits, specifications, or features, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about honey filling machines.

Honey Filling Machine is a versatile solution designed for precise and efficient honey filling adapt various filling methods, including piston and pump systems, ensuring accuracy for all viscosities. The machine supports diverse packaging types such as straws, cups,sticks, spoons, sachets, tubes, jars, and bottles, making it suitable for a range of products. Available in semi-automatic and fully automatic models, it caters to both small-scale and high-capacity production needs. Key features include high precision, hygienic design, ease of use, and robust durability. Enhance your production with our reliable Honey Filling Machine, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

General Features

  • Our honey filling machines are engineered to deliver precise and accurate fills, ensuring consistent product quality and minimizing waste.
  • Versatility: With options for different filling methods, container types, and automation levels, our machines can be customized to meet specific production needs.
  • All parts in contact with honey are made from food-grade materials, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety.
  • User-friendly interfaces and controls make our machines easy to operate, reducing the need for extensive training and allowing for quick adjustments.
  • Built with high-quality components, our honey filling machines are designed for long-lasting performance and reliability, even in demanding production environments.
  • With Heating or temperature keeping system, the heating temperature is not more than 40 degree, which ensure the honey flavor.

Piston Honey Filling Machine

The piston honey filling machine is engineered for handling thick and viscous honey. It utilizes a piston mechanism to draw and dispense honey with high accuracy, minimizing waste and ensuring consistent fill levels. This type of machine is ideal for producers who prioritize precision and consistency in their filling processes.

Pump Honey Filling Machine

The pump honey filling machine is designed to accommodate a wide range of honey viscosities. It employs a pump system to transfer honey from the storage tank to the filling nozzles, allowing for flexible adjustment of fill volumes. This machine is suitable for producers who require versatility in handling different types of honey and filling requirements.

Efficient and Fully automation sauce dosing machines

Honey jar Bottle Filling Machine

The honey jar bottle filling machine efficiently fills honey into jars and bottles of various sizes, maintaining the product’s integrity and ensuring an aesthetically pleasing presentation. This machine is ideal for producers who offer honey in traditional jar and bottle packagings.

With Multy Filling heads for meeting different capacity requirements
Servo motor Driven Diving Filling to avoid foamy and bubble
Piston and pump Filling tehcnology for option
PLC Control or a emotion controller for option for different solutions
304SS food grade and 316 stainless steel for option,robust construction material
Easy cleaning, CIP connection system
honey jar
Efficient and Fully automation syrup dosing equipments

Honey Sachet Filling Machine

Npack’s Honey Sachet Filling Machine is specifically tailored for packaging viscous products like honey. This essential tool in the food processing industry excels in forming, filling, and sealing sachets, ensuring high precision and efficiency. Designed for handling thick honey, it maintains product integrity while delivering consistent and accurate fills, making it an invaluable asset for honey producers.

The machine offers the flexibility to accommodate various sachet sizes and can adjust fill volumes across a wide range
Servo motor Driven piston or pump Filling
3 or 4 sides sealing for option
with easy tearing part cutter
with date printing
honey sachet
Efficient and Fully automation syrup dosing equipments

Honey Spoon Filling Machine

The honey spoon filling machine is designed for filling honey into spoon-shaped containers. These spoons are not only convenient for consumers but also provide a unique and attractive packaging option for retail.

efficient star wheel type
Servo motor Driven Filling
each size of spoon using individual spoon mold
with automatic spoon feeder
with automatic foil or film feeding
honey spoon
Efficient and Fully automation sauce ketchup tube filling equipments

Honey Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Tube filling and sealing machine is ideal for filling honey into tubes, providing a secure and hygienic sealing process. Tubes are a great option for products like honey gels or creams, where controlled dispensing is necessary.

High precision filling ensures each tube has consistent product weight or volume, critical for maintaining quality control.
The machine can handle various tube materials, such as plastic and laminated tubes, commonly used for products like ketchup and honey.
The machine includes a coding or marking feature that can hot stamp batch numbers, expiration dates, or other relevant product information at the end of the tube.
Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, this machine complies with food safety standards. Parts in contact with food are typically made from food-grade stainless steel
honey tube
Efficient and Fully automation sauce ketchup tube filling equipments

Honey Straw Stick Filling Machine

The honey straw stick filling machine is perfect for producing single-serving straws, a popular packaging format for on-the-go consumption. It accurately doses honey into small, convenient straws, ensuring portion control and easy handling for consumers.

Automatic empty straw insertion
Efficient filling process
Option for double-end or single-end sealing
Automated output of finished product
honey straw and stick

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