How to choose a liquid filling machine?

How to choose a filling machine? There are many types of filling machines on the market, including liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, and powder filling machines. We can choose a suitable filling machine based on the shape of the product. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of these three filling machines.

hand wash liquid filling machine

liquid filling machine Selection Guide

1.Food industry Liquid filling machine

For the food industry, many product characteristics are liquid and liquid filling machines can be used. For example, drinking water, edible oil, fruit juice, Chili oil, etc. can be filled with liquid filling machine.

Food liquid filling machines can use anti-drip filling nozzles to prevent the last drop after filling, and anti-drip slots will be installed. If there is dripping, it will be caught by the anti-dripping slot to prevent it from falling on the machine and making it difficult to clean

2.Daily industry Liquid filling machine

There are also many liquid products in the daily chemical industry, such as laundry detergent, shampoo, dish-washing liquid, shower gel, disinfectant, etc., which are common liquid daily chemical products and can be filled using liquid filling machines.

The liquid filling machine in the daily chemical industry can choose non-dive/dive filling according to the characteristics of the materials. If the product does not bubble, then it can choose not to dive filling (filling at the bottle mouth). If the product will have a small amount or a large amount of foam when filling, then we can choose diving filling (the filling head will dive to the bottom of the bottle, filling while rising).

3.Chemical industry Liquid filling machine

When it comes to liquid products in the chemical industry, there are many, such as glass water, antifreeze, engine oil, lubricating oil, pesticides, etc. These liquid products can be filled with liquid filling machines.

The chemical liquid filling machine is anti-corrosion, especially for corrosive materials. If it is slightly corroded, 316 stainless steel can be used for the material contact part. If it is highly corroded, the material contact part can be made of highly anti-corrosion PVC material.

4.Liquid filling machines in the Pharmaceutical industry

Liquid filling machines can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, nucleic acid detection reagents used in the detection of COVID-19, as well as oral liquids, eye drops, medical infusions, etc., can all use liquid filling machines.

As we all know, the filling equipment in the pharmaceutical industry is relatively strict, and the liquid filling machine in the medical industry can choose aseptic filling according to the demand.

5.Paste filling machines

There are many pastes that are more common in the food industry, such as: peanut butter, mayonnaise, ketchup, jam, honey, etc. These paste foods can be filled with a paste filling machine.

The paste filling machine in the food industry is also a relatively common filling machine on the market. It has a thick texture and poor fluidity. According to specific needs, heating or stirring functions can be added to the filling machine to improve fluidity

Compared with paste products in other industries, there are not many pastes in the pharmaceutical industry, but ointment is the most common representative. Paste filling machines in the pharmaceutical industry are usually integrated filling and capping machines for small-dose, high-precision filling. If the filling capacity is relatively large, you can also choose a linear paste filling machine.

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