How to Choose an Edible Oil Filling Machine

What is an edible oil filling machine?

An edible oil filling machine is an packaging equipment for dosing oils into an container,such as bottles, tin can and pouch.There are some popular edible oil filler in the market, such as gravity filler, piston filler, weighing filler,overflow meter filling equipments.Npack main produces the oil piston filler, for it is flexiable and high accuracy.How to choose an edible oil filler depends on your budget and packaging types.below we have some tips for you

How to Choose an Edible Oil Filling Machine

An edible oil filling machine is an packaging equipment for dosing oils into an container,such as bottles, tin can and pouch.

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How to choose oil filler 500 to 5000ml ?

As a packaging mechanical equipment, liquid automatic filling machines can directly interact with the packaged products. Compared to any beginner in the packaging industry, selecting machinery and equipment for new projects can be a difficult process. To this end, we will briefly introduce some general aspects that can assist packaging companies with limited professional guidance in selecting suitable packaging machinery and equipment according to your requirements, starting with liquid filling machines.

Clearly grasp the viscosity of the product

Various principles can be used to move products from storage tanks to empty bottles waiting to be filled. Generally speaking, thin and free-flowing products are filled with overflow filling machines or gravity filling machines; Thick and viscous products usually require piston or pump filling machines. When a new packaging project involves multiple products with multiple viscosities, pump or piston filling can be used together with thick and thin products. Therefore, when choosing a liquid filling machine, you need to understand the viscosity of the product. In other words, you should ensure that the selected machinery and equipment can handle the physical properties of the product.

To share the Bottle image and size with the supplier

It is important to provide the supplier with pictures and dimensions of your bottles. In the edible oil industry, there are usually round and square bottles, some soft and some hard, and even some bottles have special shapes. The supplier needs to decide what machine to provide you based on all your bottle images and dimensions, and whether it is suitable for one machine to be used for all your bottles. So in order to achieve good results, please take photos, record the overall size and style of the bottle, and share these measurement values with the supplier when contacting them. In discussions with suppliers, it is best to first understand your requirements so that they understand whether compatible machines and equipment are available for your use.

Told the Bottle volume range to the supplier

Please let the supplier know the capacity range of the bottle you need to fill, such as whether your bottle is 100-1000ml, 500-3000ml, or 1000-5000ml. In this way, the supplier will consider whether all volume bottles are suitable for use on the same machine. If you really want to work on the same machine with a larger volume difference, which may affect the filling accuracy of small capacity bottles, because usually the machine will be installed with a piston-cylinder suitable for the largest volume bottle. When the larger piston cylinder is used for smaller bottles, the accuracy will become poor.

How many empty bottles are you going to fill per hour/minute?

Smaller machinery and equipment are usually considered based on the number of bottles produced per hour (BPH), while relatively larger and faster machinery and equipment are usually considered based on the number of bottles produced per minute (BPM). When fully considering the production efficiency of the filling machine, please fully consider your current and future production requirements. A small company that wants to grow should choose a machine and equipment that can handle any potential production growth because upgrading the machine and equipment is likely, not feasible.

The most important thing is to choose a true manufacturer

When we choose a supplier, we may encounter trading companies disguised as manufacturers. so it is necessary for us to conduct an investigation before determining the final supplier. There are many methods of investigation, and a simpler one is that we can check whether the supplier or company is a manufacturer or trading company through Alibaba. Enter the name of the supplier we are interested in on Alibaba. If we cannot find any information on Alibaba, then this company is not a true manufacturer. Alternatively, you can directly see the “Trader” logo displayed in the company profile.

Some Leading edible oil filling machine from China

Shanghai Saidone Technologies Co., Ltd

Shanghai Npack automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Changzhou huituo technology co.,ltd.

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