Automatic chili sauce bottling filling machines

Chilli Sacue Filling Machine

Npack Automatic Chilli Sauce filling machine is designed to fill chilli sauce from 100g to 500g into glass jars

Efficient and Fully automation sauce bottle and jar equipments

Chilli Sauce Filling Machine for food industry

Npack Chili Sauce Filling Machine is an innovative filling solution for the sauce ,such as chili sauce,ketchup,hot sauce or other types of sauce with granule or not. It is designed to streamline your sauce packaging and meeting the GMP and FDA. it boasts a robust 304 stainless steel construction material, ensuring durability and compliance with food safety standards and FDA rules. It features advanced pneumatic shut off filling nozzles and servo-driven quantity measuring technology that facilitates precise and efficient filling operations, reducing and minimizing product waste and increasing production speed and capacity.

The Chili Sauce Filling Machine is an ideal packaging equpment for food processing or manufacturing companies who are looking to increase their production capacity ,and maintaining high standards of product quality. Its compact design also ensures that it occupies minimal floor space, making it suitable for facilities of various sizes, and save your plant cost.It is popular for Europ market,Australia or USA market.


Automatic chili sauce jar and bottle Filling Machine

Our Automatic Chili Sauce Jar and Bottle Filling Machine is designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of chili sauce or other food sauce packaging operations. Building with food-grade 304 stainless steel, this machine ensures durability and adherence to stringent hygiene standards essential for food processing and packaging.

The machine features an automated servo filling system that adapt precision-engineered pumps(piston pump or lobe pump, or screw pump) to accurately dispense the chili sauce into jars and bottles of various sizes. The filling process is controlled by smart PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system, which allows for easy adjustments and control, ensuring consistent fill levels with minimal product waste.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with a no-drip nozzle system that significantly reduces spillage and waste during the filling process, keeping the work area clean and safe. The machine’s conveyor belt system smoothly transports containers to the filling station, where sensors ensure correct positioning before filling.The Npack sauce filling valve is also one of key advantage design.

Equipped with an easy-to-use smart touchscreen interface(Siemens HMI), the HMI allows operators to quickly set and adjust filling parameters such as volume, speed, and temperature(for sauce hot filling). The filling nozzles are specially designed to prevent drips and spills, enhancing the cleanliness of the production area. This machine can handle various container sizes and shapes, making it versatile for different packaging needs.

A Blender,mixer hopper or tank with double jacket is one of the feature when you choose a sauce filling machine, the users can decide if it is a must according to the production flowchart.

ModelNP-VF or NP-TVF Series
Nozzles Number2 to 681012
Filling volume10 to 120ml,100-1000ml/ 250-2500ml/500-5000ml
Production capacity1000-7200 pcs/Hour ( Depends on Filling volume,bottle mouth, and viscous and foamy degree)
Quantitative error≤±0.5%
Voltage380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Air Pressure0.6-0.8 MPA
Air consumption0.6M3/min0.8M3/min1M3/min1.2M3/min

This video shows the complete sauce filling line working with a rotor pump dosing technogloy

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